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Title: GIY CHALLENGE: SMALL KITCHEN GARDEN – FAMILY “GARDEN WORLD ” Whitney Pacheco-Carrera and Aléjandro Ramrattan
Author: WhitsAle
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Category: Small Kitchen Garden
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Theme: Garden World
Size: 18sq.ft<
Crops that flourished to date (12.06.22).
Long term Crops: 3 Tomatoes, 1 Sweet pepper, 5 Bodi & 6 Caraille
Short term Crops: 8 Chive, 16 Parsley & 34 Shadon Beni
Transplanting Date: 28th April, 2022
Land/Containers Preparation: Cutting & Spraying of the area for use. The area was then ploughed using a hand fork to create a raised bed and blocked around using bamboo. Plastic Cup, Tyre, PVC, Tin, and Bamboo were bought/Cut/Recycled and prepared for planting by cutting and drilling holes.
Fertilizer/Manure: I mixed Cured Chicken Manure, Pro Mix, Sharp Sand, Tree Manure and Top Soil. The mixture varied for the individual crops. Harvest More 10:55:10 & X-tra Power were used at transplanting. Onion & Garlic Water and Composted Chicken Manure were used to fertilize my crops.
Mulching: Grass clipping and Saw dust were used as mulch.
Watering: Drip Irrigation System were set up using plastic bottles.
Insect Pests Observed: slugs, budworms, aphids, leafminers.
Methods of Control: spraying, natural trap, mixed cropping, addition of companion plants (2 thyme trees were placed at the front of our garden and more chive plants were placed between crops) and planting of flower plants (to encourage pollination for our Tomatoes and Caraille plants as well).
Pesticide Used: Vinegar & Water mixture, Dishwashing liquid, Garlic & Water mixture were sprayed on the crops.
Diseases Observed: Stunted growth and wilting of Sweet Pepper plants.

Yield: 8 Chive, 16 Parsley & 34 Shadon Beni were harvested.
5 Tomatoes plants are now flowering and bearing. 5 Caraille and 5 Bodi are flourishing excellent at this time.
Competing Special Categories:
a) Most Innovative Kitchen Garden
e) Most Decorative Kitchen Garden
f) Best Family Kitchen Garden