GIY Challenge






Implemented by

The Ministry of Sport and Community Development

Prime Minister’s Best Village Trophy Competition

This is a national competition which focuses on the growth of food crops by non-registered farmers. Persons who are professional farmers, or engaged in large scale farming are ineligible for entry. The crops which will be judged for the competition are:

Short term crops

  1. Amaranthus (Spinach/bhagi)
  2. Patchoi
  3. Lettuce
  4. Celery
  5. Kale
  6. Chive
  7. Parsley
  8. Shadon Beni
  9. Mustard Greens

Long term crops (seedlings)

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Sweet peppers
  3. Cucumbers
  4. Ochroes
  5. Melongene
  6. String beans
  7. Cabbage
  8. Cauliflower
  9. Bodi
  10. Caraille

  1. All competitors must grow at least four (4) of the listed crops in their kitchen garden.  Two (2) of the crops chosen from the list provided above must be “short term” and two (2) must be “long term”. Please note that seedlings are to be used for long-term crops.
  2. No food crops outside the approved list should be grown in the same garden plot/ grow box/ bed/ pot as the crops being judged.
  3. There will be six (6) main categories and six (6) special categories for judging:

Main Categories

a)Small Kitchen Garden8 – 20 sq. ft.
b)Medium Kitchen Garden21 – 35 sq. ft.
c)Large Kitchen Garden36 – 100 sq. ft.
d)Best Junior Kitchen Garden8 - 36 sq. ft
e)Best Hydroponic Kitchen GardenPlease choose one of the options below
f)Best Aquaponic Kitchen GardenPlease choose one of the options below


Consideration will be given for the exclusion of drain beds or access footpath between crops.

Horizontal Pipes – Approx. 40-50 sqft

  • 10ft long
  • Pipes 2ft apart
  • Holes at least 1” apart – 9 grow holes per pipe


Vertical Pipes – 15-20 sqft

  • 4-5ft height not including the water collection container
  • Pipes 3ft apart depending on crop
  • Growing space with holes at least 1’ apart – 18 holes per pipe


Stacked Pots – 15 - 20 sqft

  • 4-5ft height not including water collection container
  • Pipes 3ft apart depending on crop
  • Grow space – 4 plants per pot
  • No soil Grow media


Media grow bed – 16-32sq feet

  • Grow media – no soil
  • Type of Crops used would determine grow space ie. long term crops would occupy more space than seasonings and leafy greens
  • Eg. 4x4 space can accommodate – 1 row of 6 chive; 1 row of 5 shadon beni; 1 row of 3 patchoi and 1 row of 3 lettuce

A-frame is a vertical and horizontal pipe hybrid combo ~ 30sq ft

Holes at least 1ft apart





  1. Individuals registering for the aquaponics category must indicate on the registration form whether they are using an existing or newly established system.
  2. Participants below the age of eighteen (18) years entering the competition individually (not taking part in the family category) will be required to enter the Best Junior Kitchen Garden

The Special Categories include:

  1. Most Innovative Kitchen Garden
  2. Most Sustainable Kitchen Garden
  3. Best Influencer Kitchen Garden
  4. People’s Choice
  5. Most Decorative Kitchen Garden
  6. Best Family Kitchen Garden


  1. To qualify for the Best Influencer Kitchen Garden, the influencer must have over 3,000 followers on either IG, FB, or Tic Toc. The influencer must choose from the six (6) main categories. Influencers must share each of their videos on their personal social media pages using the hashtage #giy #growityourself #bestvillage #mscd and tag MSCD. All three (3) videos must also be uploaded to the microsite. The influencer’s garden will be adjudicated as the other main categories. The influencers will also be judged via votes on the microsite throughout the competition for this special category. The final tally of votes for all three (3) videos will be completed at the end of the competition. The judges’ scores will carry a weight of 60% whilst, the votes attained will account for 40% of the influencer’s score. The weighted scores will be used to determine the Best Influencer Kitchen Garden.


  1. To be considered for the Best Family Garden, competitors must indicate that they are participating as a family on the registration form. To qualify for this category, two (2) or more persons from the same household must participate. This category will be adjudicated as the other categories. However, family members must be listed or identified, and their video submissions should demonstrate their participation through their roles in the preparation and maintenance of the garden.


  1. Crops can be planted in any object available (e.g. ground, grow box, pot etc.) and may be of any shape but must:
    • Be grown at the home of the competitor or be within close proximity of the competitor’s property; and
    • Adhere as much as possible to the recommended square footage for the various categories.


  1. Competitors are required to maintain a crop journal which should contain information such as:
    • The date of planting;
    • The crop variety;
    • Cultural practices (integrated pest management, fertilisation, watering, sanitation, moulding etc.); and
    • Yield


  1. Competitors will be required to submit three (3) videos.
  • The videos must not be longer than two (2) minutes (120 seconds) each showcasing their garden.
  • Videos must not be a series of images/photo collage. It should be a recording of their garden, crops, and the information contained in the crop record as well as, measures taken to adhere to health and safety practices.
  • When recording competitors are to describe their garden (size, category, name of crops). The description can be included in writing in the video or audio.
  • Please ensure that proper lighting is used when recording the videos. The contents of the video must be clearly visible for judging.
  • Participants are to ensure that the audio in the video is clear (judges must be able to clearly hear the participant/s in the video).
  • Participants are advised to utilise the entire frame when creating videos. Please avoid pillar boxing bars / letter boxing as this makes it harder for the judges to see your garden and the contents of the video.

Please avoid this →

Phase 1Registration
Plants in the ground
1st Video Submission (upload)
April 5th – April 18th
April 25th
April 19th – April 28th
April 25th – May 5th
Phase 22nd Video Submission (upload)May 25th  – May 29th
Phase 33rd Video Submission (upload) People’s ChoiceJune 9th – June 12th June 9th – June 14th


The top three (3) winners will be announced for each of the Eleven (11) Administrative Districts throughout Trinidad and Tobago, namely:

  • St George East;
  • St George West;
  • Victoria East;
  • Victoria West;
  • Caroni South;
  • Caroni North;
  • St Patrick East;
  • St Patrick West;
  • Nariva/Mayaro;
  • St Andrew/St David; and
  • Tobago


District and Overall categories will be adjudicated by a panel of experts selected by the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries and the Ministry of Sports and Community Development (MSCD). Participants must attain an average score of sixty-five (65) and above to be considered for a district and / or overall prize. The small, medium and large kitchen gardens will be judged at both the district and overall level. Whilst, the hydroponic, aquaponic and Best Junior Kitchen garden will be judged at the overall level. The top three (3) participants with an average score of 65 and above will comprise the district winners within each main category (small, medium and large) in each of the eleven (11) Administrative Districts. 1st place winners will move forward for consideration for the overall prize in their category. Overall winners will be chosen from the top three (3) gardens in each main category (small, medium and large). Similarly, the top three (3) participants with an average score of 65 and over within the hydroponic, aquaponic and best junior garden categories will comprise the overall winners. One (1) average point will be deducted for every 20 seconds over the stipulated time of two (2) minutes (120 seconds).   Winners of the following special categories will be selected from all thirty-three (33) 1st place District winners as well as the winner of the Best Junior Kitchen Garden:

  • Most Innovative Kitchen Garden;
  • Most Sustainable Kitchen Garden; and
  • Most Decorative Kitchen Garden.

The Most Innovative Kitchen Garden prize will be given to the competitor with the highest Overall Innovation score. The Most Sustainable Kitchen Garden prize will be given to the competitor with the highest Overall Sustainability score.   The Most Decorative Kitchen Garden prize will be given to the competitor with the highest Overall Decorative score.   The Best Family Garden prize will be given to the top competitor in the family category with the highest overall average score of sixty-five (65) and above. The People’s Choice Award will be issued based on the competitor whose videos achieved the most amount of votes on the MSCD’s website. The Best Influencer Choice Award will be issued based on the competitors’ scores and number of votes achieved on the MSCD’s website.

Plant /Crop Health & MaturityOverall health of the plants and / or crop (e.g. number of yellow or discoloured leaves, signs of pests, level of development for its age etc.).20 pts.
Yield / Quantity of CropYield achieved based on the average expectation for the crop (e.g. the number of or size of the crops is larger or smaller than the norm).20 pts.
Overall InnovationNew or underutilised solutions to concerns or drawbacks, in gardening (e.g. plant rotation, watering or fertilising mechanisms, etc.).15 pts.
Sustainability“Green” garden practices such as upcycled and recycled materials, water conservation, composting, etc.15 pts.
DecorativeAesthetic choices e.g. Use of coloured fertiliser, or pebbles, inclusion of flowers, garden layout and design, etc.10 pts.
Health & SafetyGeneral sanitation, the use of personal protective equipment, handling and storage of pesticides, fertilizers, tools and equipment.10 pts
Record KeepingRecord of the date of planting, crop variety, yield, cultural practices (e.g. integrated pest management, fertilisation, watering, sanitation, moulding, etc.).10 pts
TOTAL100 pts.


Water conservationWatering methods which helps conserve water (e.g. drip irrigation systems, use of rain water/recycled household water to water plants as well as the use of mulch to maintain moisture).4 pts.
Integrated pest managementThe use of organic pesticides / various herbs / flowers to help get rid of pests as well as the use of disease resistant varieties of plants.4 pts.
Use of recycled and upcycled materialsThe use of materials such as tyres, pvc pipes and plastic bottles as a substitute for plant containers as well as the use of table scraps, grass cuttings and animal waste in compost.4 pts.
Garden designPlacement of plants to help shade other plants.3 pts.
TOTAL15 pts.


Garden DesignThe use of vertical gardening techniques to utilise limited space, intercropping, etc.4 pts.
Use of unconventional plant containers and plant standsThe use of items such as bottles, tins and tyres as plant containers.4 pts.
Self-watering systemsCreative design and use of self-watering systems.4 pts.
New or underutilized methods for pest controlThe use of new or underutilised methods to deter and control pests / plant diseases (e.g. home-made mixtures of various herbs, etc.).3 pts.
TOTAL15 pts.


Use of decorative plantsThe use of decorative plants and herbs which both deter pests and beautify garden.3 pts.
Use of decorative containersDesign and use of decorative plant containers.2 pts.
Aesthetic layout of gardenOverall layout of garden.3 pts.
Use of decorative materialsUse of coloured mulch, ornamental stones and signs to help enhance the beauty of the garden.2 pts.
TOTAL10 pts.



Estimated Expenditure:
Best Influencer Kitchen GardenOVERALL  11st$5,000.00                   
Best Junior Kitchen GardenOVERALL11st$5,000.00

SPECIAL PRIZES (5 Categories)$4,000.00$20,000.00