The Ministry of Sport and Community Development (MSCD) provides funding to support Sport for Development and Sport Development as well as Community Development.

The Grants provided are listed as follows:

  • Sport Grant for Organisations and Individuals,
  • Elite Athlete Assistance Programme (EAAP),
  • Community Action for Revival and Empowerment (CARE).

The Sport Grant for Organisations and Individuals

The Sport Grants are offered to National Governing Bodies for sport, community groups and individuals in support of their plans, programmes and activities that foster sport development, facilitate athletic performance and engender a spirit of community living.

Elite Athlete Assistance Programme (EAAP)  

There is also a specific grant for elite athletes in keeping with the National Sport Policy, which provides financial assistance to outstanding athletes in support of their preparation for, and participation in international competition.

Community Action for Revival and Empowerment (CARE)

The CARE Grant is offered to Community- Based, Faith-based, Cultural and other Non-Governmental Organizations, in support of projects that contribute to building the community, cultural, religious and creative sectors of Trinidad and Tobago.