Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education and Sport Division (PESD)

Sport is a major area for the expression of human talent and an excellent avenue for the development of our youth, the Government through the Physical Education and Sport Division (PESD) facilitates the development of sport and physical recreation in Trinidad and Tobago. Our mission is to enrich lives through total participation, quality training and excellence in sport, in keeping with the two main themes of the National Sport Policy of Trinidad and Tobago 2017-2027, ‘development of sport’ and ‘sport for development’.

The objectives of the Division:

  • To increase the participation in sport and physical recreation at all levels
  • To raise standards of athletic performance
  • To increase the quality and quantity of sporting facilities
  • To promote sport as an industry
  • To encourage national sporting organisations to have strategic approaches to sport development and become self-sufficient.

1. Sport Facilities
We ensure that residents, individuals and community groups have access to quality venues for sporting and recreational activities throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

2. Registration of Sporting Organisations and Sport Serving Bodies
The registration system allows all sport-related organisations to access funding and technical resources from the Ministry to conduct developmental programmes as well as the preparation of national teams.

3. Grant Funding Policy
The specific objective of the Policy is to provide grant funding to groups, organisations and other entities in support of their plans, programmes and activities to foster sport development, facilitate athletic performance and engender a spirit of community. The grants cover up to 50% in the case of approved local and overseas projects and 100% in the case of approved coaching programmes.

4. Elite Athlete Assistance Programme (EAAP)
The EAAP is a formal mechanism, using a tiered system, to contribute to the preparation and continued improvement of Trinidad and Tobago’s multisport games medallists and world-ranked athletes. The Programme ensures that financial support is available to a wide range of athletes who meet the criteria and have the potential to attain world-ranking or other benchmarks in their sport.

5. Incentive and Rewards Framework
This programme rewards athletes who medal at regional and international competitions, such as Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth, PanAm, CAC Games and Special Olympics.

6. Pink Reign Campaign
The aim of the Pink Reign Campaign is to facilitate the development of women and girls by providing opportunities to increase awareness and participation in the key aspects of sport and physical activity.