How do I get funding for my community group or event?
The application process for Grants Funding is available here.

Where can I find information on courses offered by the Ministry?
The next cycle of CEP courses will be March 2018. For more information on the courses we offer click here ( link to CEP page)

How I get permission to use a Community Centre?
Please contact your District Office

How do I book one of the Performance Spaces?
Queen’s Hall
Naparima Bowl

How do I register an arts or community organization?

What is the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers? What are the benefits of having a certificate?

Find out more information about the Artists Registry here

How do I run a cultural camp in my community?
Please contact Culture Division at 225-4023

How do I become a tutor for the Community Education Programme?
Please contact your District Office

Does the Ministry have any programmes for talented children?
Best Village
Music Schools in the Community
Cultural Camps
Technical Camps