1. How do I get funding for my community group or event?
    The application process for Grants Funding is available here.
  2. Where can I find information on courses offered by the Ministry?
    The Ministry offers courses under the Community Education Programme and Commmunity Empowerment Programme
    The next cycle of CEP courses will be in 2021. For more information on the courses we offer click here
  3. How do I get permission to use a Community Centre?
    Please contact your District Office. The contact information for your specific district office can be found in the ‘Contact Us‘ section.
  4. How do I book a Regional Complex?
    Please call the Regional Complex directly to book. All contact information can be found at the ‘Contact Us‘ & ‘List of Community Centres’ section.
  5. How do I book a Sporting Facilitiy?
    A list of contacts is available in the ‘Contact Us’ & ‘Sporting Facility‘ section.
  6. How do I register a community based organization?
    Please contact your district office. A list of District Offices contact information can be found in the ‘Contact Us‘, ‘List of Community Centres’ & ‘District Office’ section.
  7. What is the procedure to register a sports club or sporting organisation?
    The Club will be required to fill out the registration form which can be downloaded below:
    Registration Form for National Sporting Organisations / Sporting Clubs
    In addition, the following information must be provided as attachments:

    1. The Club’s Constitution
    2. A list of the Club’s elected officers with contact information and the date of the last election
    3. Minutes of the Club’s last Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    4. A history of the Club
    5. Evidence of affiliation to any Leagues/Zones and to a National Governing Body
    6. An income and expenditure statement for the previous financial year
    7. A proposed income and expenditure statement for the current/upcoming financial year
      These documents should be submitted at the nearest Sport District Office and can be given to the Physical Education and Sport Officer for that District.
  8. What kinds of activities are available at the Indoor Sporting Facilities?
    The  Ministry’s Indoor Sporting Arenas throughout Trinidad accommodate a variety of sporting activities including football, cricket, hockey, basketball, netball, badminton, table tennis, gymnastics, dance, martial arts and music.
    They can be booked for Sport & Family Days and several of them have conference rooms for hosting of meetings and and small scale events. There are also after school lessons at some of our facilities.
    Specific information on each of our Indoor Sport Arenas can be found by clicking this link: Indoor Sport Arenas
  9. Do the Community Swimming Pools offer swimming classes?
    Yes, “Learn to Swim” classes for both children and adults are offered at our Community Swimming Pools.
    Specific information on class times and associated fees for each Community Swimming Pool is available on its informational web page.
  10. Is there a cost to use the Community Swimming Pool facilities for recreational swimming?
    Yes, there is. The adult (ages 12 and over) fee is $2.30 per hour and the child (ages 11 and under) fee is $1.15 per hour.
    More information can be found at the following link: Community Swimming Pools
  11. How do I become a tutor for the Community Education Programme?
    Please contact the District Office closest to you. See list on Contact Us & List of Community Centres
  12. Does the Ministry have any programmes for talented children?
    Yes, see list of Best Village Groups, Best Village Offices & Best Village Groups Contact Information
  13. How do I apply for a grant from the Ministry of Sport and Community Development?
    There are three type of grants available

    1. National Sporting Organization and Sport Service Bodies
    2. Individuals in Sport
    3. Community Action for Revival and Empowerment

    For application forms and guidelines click here