Main Offices

Head Office
Nicholas Tower, Independence Square, Port of Spain 625-6088

HR Department
Chepstow House, 56 Frederick Street, Port of Spain 225-2322


Culture Division
Jobco Building 51-55 Frederick Street, Port of Spain

Comm Dev Division
Jobco Building 51-55 Frederick Street, Port of Spain

Community Development District Offices

Warrenville Regional Complex

Lot# 11 Ramrattan’s Building Naparima/Mayaro Road, Rio Claro
644-2346 / 3905

St. Andrew/St. David
358 Brierly Street, Sangre Grande
691-2535 / 3702

St. George East
Tunapuna Administrative Complex,
Eastern Main Road & Centenary Street, Tunapuna

St. George West
Jobco Building 51-55 Frederick Street, Port of Spain

St. Patrick East
Siparia Administrative Complex, High Street, Siparia
649-2473 / 1658

St. Patrick West
20, Agard Street, Point Fortin

Victoria East
Marlson Building, High Street, Princes Town

Victoria West
Mon Repos Regional Complex, San Fernando

Mediation Offices

North Main Mediation Centre
Jobco Building (1st Floor),
51-55 Frederick Street, Port of Spain
Phone: 625-6768/2819

Tunapuna Mediation Sub-Centre
Tunapuna Regional Social Service Centre,
#107 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna
Phone: 497-6086

Point Fortin Main Mediation Centre
63 Main Road, Point Fortin
Phone: 648-2888/2810

East Main Mediation Centre
3rd Floor, Upstairs Pennywise Building,
10A Devenish Street, Arima
Phone: 667-0266/5086/2257
Phone: 638-8133

San Juan Mediation Sub-Centre
MTS Plaza, Aranguez Main Road, Aranguez
Phone: 638-8133

Couva Mediation Sub-Centre
Social Services Delivery Building,
Camden Road Couva
Phone: 679-3660

Central Main Mediation Sub-Centre
#282 Old Southern Main Road, Warrenville
Phone: 693-2342/2955/2831/1606

Penal/Debe Mediation Sub-Centre
Phone: 758-7816