Physical Education and Sport Division (PESD) Offices

Head Sport Office
Level 8, Nicholas Tower, 63-64 Independence Square, Port of Spain
(868) 625-6088 ext 5187

St. George West District Sport Office
Chepstow House, 56 Frederick Street

Port of Spain

(898) 625-6088 ext 6109


St. Andrew / St. David District Sport Office
Corner Sukhram and Sellier Street, Sangre Grande
(868) 668-0893, (868) 668-0900

Caroni District Sport Office
Central Regional Indoor Sport Arena, Saith Park, Manic Street, Chaguanas
(868) 672-3371, (868) 672-0565

Victoria District Sport Office
Southern Regional Indoor Sport Arena, off Prince Albert Street, Pleasantville, San Fernando
(868) 653-6977, (868) 653-4194

Nariva / Mayaro District Sport and Youth Office
Corner Mota & Elie Streets, Rio Claro
(868) 644-3758

St. Patrick District Sport Office
South West Regional Indoor Sport Arena, Egypt Village, Point Fortin
(868) 648-6122, (868) 648-4266

Community Development – District Offices

Community Development Division
Jobco Building,
51-44 Frederick Street, Port of Spain
Phone: 225-2322/625-9872

Warrenville Regional Complex
Phone: 693-2087/1087

Lot# 11 Ramrattan’s Building Naparima/Mayaro Road, Rio Claro
Phone: 644-2346 / 3905

St. Andrew/St. David
358 Brierly Street, Sangre Grande
Phone: 691-2535 / 3702

St. George East
Tunapuna Administrative Complex,
Eastern Main Road & Centenary Street, Tunapuna
Phone: 662-0621

St. George West
Jobco Building 51 Frederick Street, Port of Spain
Phone: 623-6929

St. Patrick East
Siparia Administrative Complex, High Street, Siparia
Phone: 649-2473 / 1658

St. Patrick West
20, Agard Street, Point Fortin
Phone: 648-0818

Victoria East
Marlson Building, High Street, Princes Town
Phone: 655-2540

Victoria West
Mon Repos Regional Complex, San Fernando
Phone: 657-7075

Mediation Offices

North Main Mediation Centre
Jobco Building (1st Floor),
51-55 Frederick Street, Port of Spain
Phone: 625-6768/2819

Tunapuna Mediation Sub-Centre
Tunapuna Regional Social Service Centre,
#107 Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna
Phone: 497-6086

Point Fortin Main Mediation Centre
63 Main Road, Point Fortin
Phone: 648-2888/2810

East Main Mediation Centre
3rd Floor, Upstairs Pennywise Building,
10A Devenish Street, Arima
Phone: 667-0266/5086/2257
Phone: 638-8133

San Juan Mediation Sub-Centre
MTS Plaza, Aranguez Main Road, Aranguez
Phone: 638-8133

Couva Mediation Sub-Centre
Social Services Delivery Building,
Camden Road Couva
Phone: 679-3660

Central Main Mediation Sub-Centre
#282 Old Southern Main Road, Warrenville
Phone: 693-2342/2955/2831/1606

Penal/Debe Mediation Sub-Centre
Phone: 758-7816