Community Development

Community development in Trinidad and Tobago subscribes to the broad tenets as defined by the internationally accepted United Nations definition of community development. This initiative subscribes to the combined efforts of people in local communities and the government and other external agencies as a developmental method for improving the social, cultural and economic conditions of communities and for integrating communities into the national planning framework.

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The Community Mediation Services Division considers that sustainable social transformation of our society and the achievement of social justice requires the permeation and pervasive presence of restorative behaviour throughout our society. Therefore, the division executes several initiatives which aim to encourage the adoption of behaviours that are consistent with the underpinning philosophy of mediation, restoration and peace building. These initiatives include Peer Mediation, Social Work Services (counselling, advocacy, and policy), Conflict Management Training, Leadership Skills Development, Anger Management, Emotional Intelligence, Co-Parenting Programme, Communication and Interpersonal Skills in addition to initiatives which are designed according to the needs of the particular organisation or community. These initiatives support the practices of mediation and social work and other therapeutic interventions as well as the facilitation of difficult conversations in communities and special interest groups.

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Physical Education and Sport Division (PESD) Sport is a major area for the expression of human talent and an excellent avenue for the development of our youth, the Government through the Physical Education and Sport Division (PESD) facilitates the development of sport and physical recreation in Trinidad and Tobago. Our mission is to enrich lives through total participation, quality training and excellence in sport, in keeping with the two main themes of the National Sport Policy of Trinidad and Tobago 2017-2027, 'development of sport’ and 'sport for development'.

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