Growbox FAQ’s

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How many categories are there in the competition?

There will be five (5) main categories and six (6) special categories for judging. Please see the rules and regulations for more information.

Who can participate in the competition?

Any resident of Trinidad and Tobago (child or adult) who is not a professional farmer or engaged in large scale farming is eligible for entry.

How long is the competition?

The competition will run for eight (8) weeks, the expected duration for the selected crops to achieve maturation and produce.

When will results for the competition be announced?

The results will be announced after July 5th 2021.

Can I grow crops outside of those listed?

No food crop outside the approved list should be grown in the same garden plot/ grow box/ pot as the crops being adjudicated unless such plants serve a purpose such as insect repellent etc. The presence of any other crop or plant will lead to disqualification.

How many crops can I plant?

Competitors must plant at least four (4) of the listed crops across any category.

Is the Ministry providing seeds,seedlings or soil for planting?

No, competitors are required to provide their own seedlings, soil or any other requirements for their gardens.

I don’t have space to grow crops in the ground. Can I use pots?

Crops can be planted in any object available (e.g. ground, grow box, pot etc.) and may be of any shape but must:

  1. Be within the boundaries of their property and
  2. Stay within the square footage allocated for the category.

Will anyone from the Ministry be visiting my home?

Random site visits will be conducted by Ministry Officials during the competition. Competitors will be notified in advance to schedule a time for the visit.

What are the short term and long term ages for the seedlings?

Short term= 30-45 days harvest time, at least 2 weeks old.

Long term =10-12 weeks harvest time, at least 2 weeks old.

What to look for when choosing seedlings?

Short term- 4- 6 Healthy looking leaves or height should be 4-6″. Plants should be free of spots, blemishes and any sign of pests.

Long term- 4 – 6 Healthy looking leaves; height should be 3-5″. Plants should be free of spots, blemishes and any sign of pests. Choose disease resistant varieties once available.

Do all the registered family members have to be shown in all the video submissions?

Each registered member should be seen at least once showing their participation.

Is there a maximum number of family members that can register/participate in the family category?

No, once all the family members reside in the same household.

Can participants enter more than one category?

Participants can enter one of the main categories (small, medium, large, hydroponic, aqua phonics, best influencer kitchen garden) and one of the special categories (most innovative, most sustainable, people’s choice, decorative and family garden).

Step by Step Guide to Home Gardening

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