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Title: Ria Frost – 1st Video Submission – GIY Challenge 2022
Author: Ria Frost
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: Together with my Daughter - Leia-Marie Frost we have entered The Ministry of Sport & Community Development's Grow it Yourself (GIY) Challenge 2022 - Large Category and Best Family Category, the garden size is 56.5 sq. ft all together

In the Garden, we have planted the following -
Tomato - Varieties are - Dheli, Tropic Boy, 535, and a Black Cherry
4 Cabbage Seedlings
6 Patchoi Seedlings
4 Cauliflower Seedlings
2 Bullnose Sweet Pepper
Lettuce - 2 in each variety - Green Oak, Red Oak, Muir, Georgia, Rouxai, and Fion Green

Look out for more updates soon, Happy Planting!!!

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