What we do

Sport is a major area for the expression of human talent and an excellent avenue for the development of our youth, the Government through the Physical Education and Sport Division (PESD) facilitates the development of sport and physical recreation in Trinidad and Tobago. Our mission is to enrich lives through total participation, quality training and excellence in sport, in keeping with the two main themes of the National Sport Policy of Trinidad and Tobago 2017-2027, ‘development of sport’ and ‘sport for development’.

Among the objectives of the Division are:

  • To increase the participation in sport and physical recreation at all levels
  • To raise standards of athletic performance
  • To increase the quality and quantity of sporting facilities
  • To provide information for and about physical recreation and sport
  • To promote sport as an industry
  • To implement a national sport policy
  • To promote drug free sport
  • To advocate for quality physical education and sport in schools
  • To encourage national sporting organizations to have strategic approaches to sport development and become self-sufficient.