SHAPE Programme

The Sport, Health, Athletic Performance & Empowerment (SHAPE) Programme is aimed at the development of sport in communities and the development of communities through sport. SHAPE will comprise capacity building and recognition initiatives that will seek to establish a foundation for the improvement of how sport is organized, administered and implemented at the community level.  This is important as the Ministry and other sport stakeholders seek to fulfil the structuring of a development pathway toward national sporting excellence. SHAPE involves facilitating the development of capacity that would enable sport activists, sports serving bodies (clubs, sport organizations) and other key sport stakeholders in communities to collaborate with government and non-government agencies toward improving talent, providing opportunities and uplifting communities through sport.

The planning of the SHAPE Programme is consistent with the Sport Development and Sport for Development themes in the National Policy for Sport ‪2017-2027 and seeks to satisfy the National Vision 2030 goals via Theme 1 – Putting People First: Nurturing our Greatest Asset.  The stakeholder organizations key to the planning and implementation of this programme are the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC), the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) and the Division of Sport and Youth Affairs in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

The SHAPE Programme consists of the following projects/initiatives:

  1. National Registration Drive
  2. Sport Administration Course
  3. Introduction to Community Coaching Course
  4. Athlete Welfare Workshop
  5. Community Sport Titan (CST) Initiative

1) National Registration Drive – This initiative will be used as a tool to gather information on sport serving bodies within the communities of the various administrative districts, after which an online database will be created.  This database would enable the Physical Education and Sport Division of the Ministry to improve service delivery to our community sport stakeholders. This Registration Drive will assist sport serving bodies to better understand the necessary criteria required to register with the Ministry and the associated benefits.

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2)  Sport Administration Course – This course will be executed in collaboration with TTOC, UTT and THA and presented on a virtual platform. The target audience for this course would be Executive and Ordinary members of Community Sport Organizations/ Sport Serving Bodies, and persons interested in Sport Administration and Sport Management. Registrants will be exposed to modules such as Leadership, Constitutions, Proposal Writing, Project Management/Event Management, Budgeting, Marketing and Sponsorship.

3) Introduction to Community Coaching Course – This course will also be presented virtually through collaboration with the TTOC, UTT and THA. It will primarily target new and/or uncertified coaches who wish to be educated on the fundamental aspects of sport development and general coaching principles. This project would be part one of the coaching education series. The Introduction to Community Coaching will cover modules in the Role of a coach, Athlete Profile, Nutrition, Planning Training Sessions, Developing Fitness, Prevention and Care of Injuries and Recovery Planning.

4) Athlete Welfare Workshop – The aim of this workshop is to offer support and guidance to upcoming athletes in alignment with their personal and professional development. This initiative which is being planned in collaboration with the UTT and TTOC, would cover topics such as Sports Careers, Integrity, Well-Being, Financial Management, Injury Prevention and Care, Nutrition and Performance Enhancement. The target audience for this workshop would be athletes aged 14 to 23 years from community sports groups, teams and clubs. The two-day workshop will feature the various topics facilitated by experts in their field.

5) Community Sport Titan (CST) Initiative- The goal of this initiative is to showcase and celebrate the work of women and men throughout Trinidad and Tobago, who have dedicated their time, talents and efforts toward the impactful development of their communities through sport. Nominations will be accepted by the MSCD and an adjudication Committee will select Community Sport Titans based on established criteria and rubric. A short documentary, which is to be featured on various media/social media platforms, will be produced and published for each Community Sport Titan.