Sport Services

The services of the Physical Education and Sport Division can be categorized into programmes, sport facilities, registration of sporting organizations, and Sport Grant funding.

SHAPE Programme
The Sport, Health, Athletic Performance & Empowerment (SHAPE) Programme is aimed at the development of sport in communities and the development of communities through sport. SHAPE will comprise capacity building and recognition initiatives that will seek to establish a foundation for the improvement of how sport is organized, administered and implemented at the community level.

Sport Administration Course – the Sport Administration Course seeks to promote good governance and develop well structured, operational, sustainable sport organizations through education. It entailS a series of educational workshops aimed at empowering communities and capacity building so that these groups are better equipped to form structures within their groups and aid in becoming self-sufficient and engaging in good governance practices thereby improving the sport environment in communities and the sport industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

Caribbean Coaching Certification Programme – This programme ensures that uncertified and/or new coaches and persons interested in sport coaching are certified on the fundamental aspects of sport development and general coaching principles. It is geared towards the optimal development of skills, competencies and capabilities of individuals responsible for the development of sport. This initiative is in keeping with Government’s Developmental/Vision 2030 pillar of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Certification Drive – The goal of this project is to educate and certify practicing coaches through sport specific courses planned and administered by the National Governing Bodies of Sport. It seeks to develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of institutions and individuals working in and charged with overseeing the development of sport in Trinidad and Tobago.

Community Sport Titan Initiative – this is a new MSCD initiative to recognize those who have developed their communities through sport. The Community Sport Titan (CST) Initiative will facilitate the recognition of these community champions or ‘titans’ who have devoted their time and expertise to activating social transformation, both on and off the field of play.

Pink Reign Campaign
The Ministry is a signatory to the Brighton Declaration- to increase involvement of women and girls in all sport at all levels and in all functions and roles. The Declaration is also aligned to the United Nations Resolution which require governments and agencies worldwide to provide women and girls with equal access to sport and physical activity. To this end, the Pink Reign Campaign is aimed at increasing the involvement and participation of women and girls in communities by providing opportunities to increase awareness and participation in the key aspects of sport and physical activity. This campaign entails four (4) main components: seminars and information Sessions via panel discussions and interviews; sport training sessions and competitions; races and health/fitness initiatives and challenges, and a media campaign highlighting women and girls as well as promoting health and disease prevention.

Elite Athlete Assistance Programme
The EAAP is a formal mechanism, using a tiered system, to contribute to the preparation and continued improvement of Trinidad and Tobago’s multisport games medallists and world-ranked athletes. The Programme ensures that financial support is available to a wide range of athletes who meet the criteria and have the potential to attain world-ranking or other benchmarks in their sport. Click here for more information.

We ensure that residents, individuals and community groups have access to quality venues for sporting and recreational activities throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The MSCD manages several sporting facilities which are used for a range of recreational purposes and sporting competitions. Click here to learn more about these facilities.

In order to access funding and technical resources from the Ministry, sport-related organizations at the community level must be registered. To register, complete the registration form with accompanying relevant documents about your organization. Your application will be assessed and if satisfactory, you will be issued a certificate of registration as a bonafide sport organization. Click here for more information.

The Ministry provides Grant Funding to National Governing Bodies for sport, community groups and individuals in support of their plans, programmes and activities that foster sport development, facilitate athletic performance and engender a spirit of community living.  Click here to learn more about our Sport Grant Funding.