Registration of Sport Clubs and Sport Serving Bodies

National Registration Drive
The Physical Education and Sport Division (PESD) of the Ministry of Sport and Community Development’s (MSCD) mandate is to assist in the development of sport through capacity building, total participation in sporting and recreational activities, and more specifically, to promote wellness and quality of life through proper sporting information and training structures in Trinidad and Tobago.  This registration drive will work towards the fulfillment of our mandate by providing members of the public with the opportunity to readily access the services and programmes of the Ministry.  The aim of the drive is not only to increase the number of registered Sports Serving Bodies but to also facilitate a holistic evaluation of sports in the nation. 
Benefits of Registering your Sport Organization with the Ministry of Sport and Community Development (MSCD)
  1. Grant Funding opportunities from the MSCD are afforded to Individuals, Sporting Organizations, and Sport Serving Bodies for sporting equipment, event sponsorship, medals/trophies, airfare etc.
  2. Inclusion of your organization in the online database of the Physical Education and Sport Division of the MSCD
  3. Opportunities for inclusion in MSCD related programmes/projects such as Learn to Swim, Pink Reign Campaign, Community Sport Programme etc.
  4. Inclusion in information sharing of programmes, seminars, training and competitions from MSCD, the Sports Company of T&T, T&T Olympic Committee and other national agencies that may aid with sport development and related spheres
  5. Access to technical and operational support for your sporting organization and its members
  6. Opportunities for MSCD Officials to make an appearance at your sporting organization’s events such as training sessions, competitions, community activities etc.
  7. Written endorsement identifying your sporting organization as recognized by the Ministry, which may be used for accessing other government services, corporate sponsorship and other formal services.
  8. Opportunities for contact and affiliation to National Governing Bodies (NGBs) as well as potential access to NGB programmes and certification courses.
  1. Completed Registration Form
  2. Cover Letter requesting registration OR renewal with MSCD
  3. Copy of Article of Incorporation Certificate from Ministry of Legal Affairs
  4. Letter proving affiliation with relevant National Governing Body (NGB)
  5. Copy of organization’s Constitution
  6. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  7. List of Executive members, positions and contact information
  8. Activity Reports for Previous Year *
  9. Income & Expenditure Statement for Previous Year *
  10. Budget for Current Year 

***Proof of affiliation to other bona fide Government or Non-Government agencies may also be submitted.

*Requirement for organisations that have been operating for more than a year.

Locations for the submission of hard copy Registration Forms

Mayaro Sport Facility
Address: #41 Plaisance Road, Mayaro
Manager: Akeela Rodriguez
Phone: 630-2426
Cocoyea Community Swimming Pool
Clerk: Michelle Ram
Address: St Andrews Park West,
Cocoyea Village, San Fernando
Phone/Fax: 657-0586
Maloney Indoor Sport Arena
Address: Maloney and Flamingo Boulevards,
Maloney Gardens
Manager: Mr. Keron Modeste
Phone: 646-3260
Diego Martin Community Swimming Pool
Address: Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard
Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
Warden: Cartalina Gay
Phone/Fax: 633-6756
South-West Regional (Point Fortin) Indoor Sport Arena
Address: Egypt Village, Point Fortin
Manager: Aisha Pierre
Phone: 648-4266, 648-4136/7
La Horquetta Community Swimming Pool
Address: Slinger Francisco Boulevard, La Horquetta
Warden: Shirlyn Simon
Phone/Fax: 643-3609
Southern Regional Indoor Sport Arena
Address: Off Prince Albert Street, Pleasantville,
San Fernando
Manager: Odessa Laulys
Phone: 657-0756/7
Sangre Grande Community Swimming Pool
Address: Corner Sukhram and Sellier Streets, Sangre Grande
Warden: Terrence Harewood
Phone/Fax: 668-0893
Central Regional Indoor Sport Arena
Address: Saith Park, Manic Street, Chaguanas
Manager: Stephanie Skeete
Phone: 665-9114
Morvant Community Swimming Pool
Address: Coconut Drive, Morvant
Pool Coordinator: Lt. Edric Hargreaves
St. Paul Street Sport Complex
Address: #1A St. Paul Street, East Dry River, Port of Spain
Manager: Annette O’Brien
Phone: 625-3016, 623-7136
Fax: 623-7123
Laventille Community Swimming Pool
Address: Sogren Trace, Laventille
Pool Coordinator: Lt. Edric Hargreaves
Phone: 222-8363
Siparia Community Swimming Pool
Address: Park Street, Siparia
Couva Community Swimming Pool
Address: Railway Station Road, Couva
Clerk: Marceline Alleyne
Phone/Fax: 636-9446
Phone: 679-0828