Registration of Sporting Groups

Benefits of Registering your Sport Organization with the Ministry of Sport and Community Development (MSCD)

  1. Grant Funding opportunities from the MSCD are afforded to Individuals, Sporting Organizations, and Sport Serving Bodies for sporting equipment, event sponsorship, medals/trophies, airfare etc.
  2. Inclusion of your organization in the online database of the Physical Education and Sport Division of the MSCD
  3. Opportunities for inclusion in MSCD related programmes/projects such as Learn to Swim, Pink Reign Campaign, Community Sport Programme etc.
  4. Inclusion in information sharing of programmes, seminars, training and competitions from MSCD, the Sports Company of T&T, T&T Olympic Committee and other national agencies that may aid with sport development and related spheres
  5. Access to technical and operational support for your sporting organization and its members
  6. Opportunities for MSCD Officials to make an appearance at your sporting organization’s events such as training sessions, competitions, community activities etc.
  7. Written endorsement identifying your sporting organization as recognized by the Ministry, which may be used for accessing other government services, corporate sponsorship and other formal services.
  8. Opportunities for contact and affiliation to National Governing Bodies (NGBs) as well as potential access to NGB programmes and certification courses.


  1. Completed Registration Form
  2. Cover Letter requesting registration OR renewal with MSCD
  3. Copy of updated Article of Incorporation Certificate from Ministry of Legal Affairs as per Non-Profit Organizations Act 2019
  4. Letter proving affiliation with relevant National Governing Body (NGB)
  5. Copy of organization’s Constitution (first time applicants or if document was amended)
  6. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  7. List of Executive members, positions and contact information
  8. Activity Reports for Previous Year
  9. Income & Expenditure Statement for Previous Year
  10. Budget for Current Year

***Proof of affiliation to other bona fide Government or Non-Government agencies may also be submitted.

The entire application must then be submitted to the Division of Physical Education and Sport. You should receive a response on whether your application was successful within 10 working days. A certificate of registration will then be issued to your organization.