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Title: Yolande's Green Garden - Video 3
Author: Yolande
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Category: Small Kitchen Garden
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Description: Finally! this is the final video submission and harvesting galore.

The crops were bearing beautifully, the only crop which wasnt harvested were the tomatoes. Though the plants were bearing and flowering, the tomatoes were too young to pick.

Patchoi - Variety Joi Choi
I started off with 30 seedlings and harvested all , just at different intervals. The batchaks were having a field day with them though. So I used soapy water. This served as a deterrent. The patchoi leaves were huge and several weredistributed to the neighbours , friends and family.

Thirteen seedlings were planted and were victims to leaf miners. To disrupt these miners, I used soap water , mixed with dish washing liquid and sprayed twice weakly. The heavy rains added a bonus to the crops and I was able to reap six ochroes thus far.

Tomatoes- Tropic Boy, Beefsteak and 535
Again leaf miners were a problem and this was sorted through the use of soapy water. The plants are progressing great with several tomatoe buds and baby tomatoes sprouting. Flowers are also in excess. Due to the young stage, no toatoes were harvested just yet.

Celery- Ventura
Twelve seedlings were planted and all were yieded. The celerys grew great, were green, healthy and distributed to neighbours and family members.

Chive- Blue, Tokyo Long and Chidori
Initially, the chives were planted in a blue drum, but, due to the heavy rains they got soggy and were strugglin. They were transplanted to concrete bricks and started striving. Five were harvested and grined to make seasoning.