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Title: GIY 2022 Medium Kitchen Garden, 35 square feet, Phase 1 by Cheryl A De Gannes
Author: Cheryl Ann
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Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: Medium Kitchen Garden category, 35 square feet. The perimeters of my kitchen area were made interesting by adding vegetables, herbs, and flowers around in containers in a whimsical theme, thereby creating a space that was both edible and beautiful. Combinations of recycled containers Washing machine tubs and bucket gardening were placed at least 12 inches apart so that the plants will be less scorched. Recycled PVC guttering was also hung along the perimeter fence, all of these were filled with a mix of planting soil, compost material, broken coconut husks, sharp sand, and cow manure. Additionally, healthy plants with the aid of the compost from scraps from Vegetables and fruit peels along with lawn cuttings and plant leaves. In keeping with the conservation theme, I utilized self-watering containers and incorporated the reuse of discarded pieces of PVC as a sprinkler system for the Garden place.
Short-term crops were planted on 19-Apr-2022 as follows-: 1. Pakchoi/ Joi Choi = 10 seedlings
2. Lettuce = Type 10 iceberg : Type 10 bronze seedlings
3. Celery = Type 10 Giant Siberian
5. Parsley = Type Curled leaf 5 seedlings
6. Shadon Beni = 10 seedlings
7. Mustard Greens = Type Flat Broad leaf 2 seedlings
Long-term crops were planted on 19-Apr-2022
1. Tomatoes = Type Pear 6 seedlings
2. Sweet Peppers = 8 seedlings Type 6 yellow, Type : 2 bull nose
3. Cucumbers = Type Armenian 3 seedlings
4. Bodi = 3 seedlings
5. Cauliflower = Type Floretto 2 seedlings
Fertilizer : Miracle- Gro Quick start planting and transplanting starting solution (to prevent plants from the shock of being moved from one location to another, stimulates root growth. 4-12-4 .Vermiculture, Cow Manure Compost, rotted leaves, tree bark and lawn cuttings
Water utilized: Rainwater at this stage
Insects pest/s observed : Nil as at 1-May 2022
Diseases/s observed : Nil as at 1-May 2022
All Health and Safety precautions were observed including the usage of gloves and storage of Fertilizers and general cleanliness of tools and the Garden area. Fertilizers usage were also recorded