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Title: Leah's Vertical Veggie Garden
Author: Leah Sorias
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Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: Size of garden: 32 Sq ft

Category: Medium

Crops: 16 chive, 12 celery, 12 parsely, 18 shadon beni, 24 kale, 4 Delhi tomatoes, 2 sweet peppers, 7 patchoi

Date of seedling planting: April 28, 2022

Trough preparation: hot water poured into existing soil to get rid of any pests. Topped up trough with fresh soil.
Soil composition: horse manure, peat moss, sharp sand and top soil

Fertilizers used: Black Gold vegetable fertilizer, NOVA for root development and nutrient uptake etc, a blend of fresh vegetable peelings which I poured around the base of my crops.

Watering: early morning and at night with a watering can

Pests as at May 2: zero

I was able to reuse most of the material from last year's competition, including pots, shelves, signs and of course the two troughs.

I love the idea of a vertical garden because it makes watering, uprooting weeds, managing pests and even harvesting a lot easier.

This vision of a vertical garden came about ahead of the 2020 GIY challenge. My family and I have little yard space but I love planting so my partner brought my vision to life; constructing the troughs, installing shelves etc.
He repainted the shelves and pots for a more modern look this year and I redid the signs and crop markers I used in the competition last year.

This year I'm vying for the following special prizes:
-Most Decorative
-Most Sustainable
-Most Innovative