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Title: Renaldo Ramnanan 1st Video Submission
Author: Renaldo Ramnanan
Votes: 112

Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: My name is Renaldo Ramnanan. I love what I do and do what I love and the M.S.C.D. has encouraged me to continue enhancing my creative and gardening skills through the G.I.Y. challenge.
The size of my garden is 18ft. x 5ft. or 90 square feet. I am entering in the large garden category. The crops I will be planting are Cucumber and Ochro (long term) ,Parsley and pak-choi (short term).All my crops are grown in containers such as 1//2 barrels, flower pots and troughs , self watering grow boxes ,paint buckets and bottles. All my crops were planted on April 22nd and 23rd, 2022. I have been using an old styro tex cooler for my compost which I incorporate in my soil mixture once cured. A green plastic container is also used to order to safely store my tools. In order to store my fertilizers properly in the container , I utilized my empty Downy bottles to pour and refill my fertilizers accordingly. Calcium Nitrate fertilizer was administered to my plants on April 28th ,2022.
Thank you to M.S.C.D. for this initiative as we continue to learn and develop our skills in becoming a more sustainable country.