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Title: GirlGardener - Jewel's Large Garden
Author: GirlGardener
Votes: 4

Category: Large Kitchen Garden
Views: 483
Description: Jewel's Large Garden
Crop Journal
Marglobe Heirloom Tomatoes - 8
Burgundy Ochroes - 10
Red Acre Cabbages - 4
Sweet Peppers - 4
Eden Lettuce - 9
Shadon Beni - 40
Triple Curled Parsely - 40
Blue Chives - 40
Container Planting - upcycled pallets, milk tins, food grade barrels and uncalled grow bags.
Fertilizers - All seedlings were planted in a soil mix consisting of top soil, Rotten Wood
Compost, Cow Manure and Worm Castings and later drenched Epsom Salt (1 tbsp/gal).
Insect/ Pests Observed - Leaf Miners, very small, green caterpillars were controlled by neem insecticide.