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Title: Michael's Green Thumb
Author: Micky.Osondu
Votes: 329

Category: Best Junior Kitchen Garden
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Description: Land Space: 36sq Ft

Category: Best Junior Kitchen Garden

Sowing Date/Transplanting Date: 28 April 2022

Grow box preparation: -

Garden Tools and Materials Used: Measuring Tape, Garden Fork, Spade, Hoe, Shovel, Garden Hand Tools, Bucket, Watering Can, String, Pallets, PVC Pipes, Bricks, PVC Pipes, Gloves, Garden Boots

Measure area with measuring tape 36 sq ft (9ft x4ft)

Level area with gardening tools

Place markers and bricks on outskirts of perimeter

Cut holes in horizontal PVC Pipes and Vertical PVC Pipe (Assistance needed with cutting)

Place horizontal PVC Pipe inside of 2 sides of perimeter of Grow box

Place Vertical Gardening Tower in the center of grow box

Mix soil with shovel (combination of Top Soil, Cured Chicken manure, Rotted Wood manure and sharp sand)

Use bucket to place soil in grow box to the level of bricks

Use hand shovel to place soil in Vertical Garden Tower

Join pallet with strings in grow box and place to lean on wall

Manure/Fertilizer: Cured Chicken Manure, Rotted Wood Manure

Nutrex 10:30:20 1tsp to 1 gallon water

Short Term Crops: 1. Patchoi/Variety: Joi Choy Quantity: 42

2. Parsley/ Variety: Triple Curl Quantity: 52

Long Term Crops: 1: Cucumbers/ Variety: Alexandra Quantity: 4

2: Ochroes / Variety: Clemson Spineless Quantity:7

General Comments:

Marigold plants were planted on two corners of grow box to deter pests

Ochro plants were planted strategically to shade short term crops

Pallets were placed for cucumbers to run on to maximize space for crops

Decorative plants were placed on the outskirts of grow box to beautify surroundings