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Title: Alvin Sookdeo prime minister's GIY video entry #1 First day of planting in my Aquaponics system(NFT) Kitchen garden
Author: Alvinsookdeo1
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Category: Best Aquaponics Kitchen Garden
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Description: Growing a kitchen garden with an aquaponics system using tilapia and cascadura to grow (short term crops) lettuce, celery and (long term crops) cabbage and cauliflower in a system using three(3) 10ft lines in a 4ft spacing. The system is a new addition specifically for this GIY challenge to an existing system which is my personal kitchen garden. It uses three(3) 300gallon tanks, a mechanical/biological filter and a grow bed with dasheen as a filter. The system has been grown alongside chive and chadon as a means of biological pest deterrent.