Community Education Support Services

The Community Education Support Services Unit was established to be at the forefront of Community Development’s, publicity, promotions and public information efforts.

The unit plays a critical role in the dissemination of information on Community Development’s programmes and projects by providing a wide range of audio and visual support facilities. Apart from Community Development, the unit is supportive of the programmes and projects of all other sectors of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts. Additionally, it provides support, to a large cross-section of public sector agencies and voluntary community-based organisations.

The services of the Community Education Support Services Unit are as follows:

  1. Full range of public address facilities (for indoor and outdoor activities)
  1. Promotion of public activities via public announcements throughout target communities
  1. Multimedia and other complementary inputs for conferences, seminars, workshops, consultations, meetings etc.
  1. Documentation of the Community Development Division’s programmes and projects via audio and video.

Community Servicing & Mobilisation

This is a continuous interactive and enabling process used by Community Development for strengthening, motivating, guiding and assisting the various voluntary community based organisations in their:

  • Day to day functioning
  • Programme development, implementation and management
  • Interaction with their membership as well as other voluntary community organisations