FAQ’s on the Community Education (Skills Training) Programme

FAQs on the Community Education Programme 2022


1. What is the Community Education (Skills Training) Programme?

The Community Education Programme (CEP) provides training in various skills, which can aid in the creation and the enhancement of home-based production of goods and services and employment generation.

2. How are Courses being offered?

Courses are hosted virtually. Participants are required to join the session using their devices at home/office via the virtual platform.  The class format allows tutors to deliver the same instructions and content as if they were on-site in a classroom setting.

3. What is needed to attend classes?

Participants are required to have access to any of the following smart devices:

*   Cell Phone
*   Laptop/Desktop Computer
*   Tablet/Ipad

4. Who can participate?

Courses are available to Nationals and Legal residents of Trinidad and Tobago 16 years and over. PLEASE NOTE only persons 18 years and over can participate in the Mixology/Bartending course/programme.

5. When is the CEP Programme offered?

Registration for the CEP programme commences on Monday March 14th Classes would officially begin the week of April 4th 2022.

6. How can persons register?

Registration for the CEP courses are done ONLINE only via a google link that can be found on the Ministry of Sport and Community Development website www.mscd.gov.tt and social media pages.

Once registrants are reviewed and approved, an email will be sent to the email address provided by the registrant at registration process.

7. How many classes can I take?

Persons can take only ONE 1 class.

8. How long is the programme?

The programme is for 10 weeks for Level 1 classes and 13 weeks for Level 2 classes (April – June)

9. Is there a cost attached to the programme?

Registration and participation are free of charge. However, participants are required to provide their own materials. The cost of materials range from TTD$500 at the low end,  to TTD$2,500 at the high end, with the exception of the Mixology class.

10. What programmes are offered? Where will they take place? What times are the classes?

All the information is available on the Ministry’s website at www.mscd.gov.tt and the Ministry’s Facebook Page: @sportcommdevtt

11. Upon Completion, do applicants receive a certificate?

Participants having completed ALL the modules, in addition to attaining a 65% pass mark on all assignments a Certificate of Completion would be awarded

12. Do participants receive a stipend?

The Community Education Programme does not offer a stipend.