List of Community Facilities

To use a community centre please contact the District Office under its purview

Regional Complexes

No.Regional ComplexesAddressPhone
1.Barataria Regional Complex3rd Avenue, Barataria638 – 2585
2.Barrackpore Regional Complex10 Manohar Maraj Trace, New Colonial Rd, Barrackpore654-3379
3.Carenage Regional ComplexCrown Trace, Carenage694-1647
4.East Port of Spain Regional ComplexLP#89, Upper Laventille Road, East Dry River, Port-of-Spain627-8724
5.Esperance Regional ComplexDerrick Road, Esperance Village, San Fernando653-0795
6.Fyzabad Regional ComplexGuapo Main Road, Fyzabad677-3713
7.La Horquetta Regional ComplexMarjorie Padmore Avenue, La Horquetta643-2865
8.Laventille Regional ComplexTrinity Avenue, Eastern Main Road, Laventille624-0924
9.Maloney Regional ComplexMaloney Boulevard, North Maloney Gardens, Maloney642-8231
10.Mon Repos Regional  ComplexNos.1-3 Tyler Smith Street, Mon Repos, San Fernando652-5203
11.Plaisance Park Regional ComplexLong Circular Road, Plaisance Park, Pointe-a-Pierre659-3009
12.Point Cumana Regional ComplexCor. La Horquette Road & Glencoe Gardens, Pt. Cumana694-1844
13.St. Augustine Regional ComplexSt. John’s Road, St. Augustine663-1831
14.Ste. Madeleine Regional ComplexSte. Madeleine Circular Road, Ste. Madeleine653-0835
15.Toco Regional ComplexCemetery Street, Toco Main Road, Toco670-1503
16.Vistabella Regional ComplexNinth Street, Vistabella653-0910
17.Warrenville Regional ComplexLP 27 Warren/Munroe Road, Warrenville, Cunupia693-0928

Civic Centres

No.Civic CentresAddressPhone
1.Mayaro Civic CentrePlaisance Road, Mayaro630-1933
2.Point Fortin Civic Centre45-47 George Road, Mahaica, Pt. Fortin648-2371
3.Sangre Grande Civic CentreSukhram Street, Sangre Grande668-2477

Community Centres

No.Caroni Community CentresAddress
1.Balmain Community CentreMain Road, Balmain, Couva
2.Brickfield Community CentreWaterloo Rd, Carapichaima
3.Carapichaima Community CentreSampson Street, Carapichaima
4.Cawnpore Community CentreMon Plasir Road, Cunupia
5.Chaguanas Community CentreMark St. Ext., Saith Park, Chaguanas
6.Chickland Community CentreChickland Village, Caparo Road
7.Caroni Community CentreNew Street, Caroni
8.Enterprise Community CentreEnterprise Street, Enterprise
9.Flanagin Town Community Centre13 Mamoral Road, Flanagin Road
10.Frederick Settlement Community CentreArbuckle Street, Frederick Settlement
11.Freeport/St. Mary Community CentreBeaucarro Rd, Freeport St. Mary’s
12.Gordon Village Community CentreMayo and Boissiere Trace, Gordon Village, Couva
13.Indian Trail Community CentreRivulet Road, Indian Trail
14.Jerningham Junction Community CentreCorner Dindial and Boodram Streets, Jerningham Junction, Cunupia
15.La Paille Community CentreTullock Street, La Paille
16.La Quesa Community CentreLa Quesa Road, Balmain, Couva
17.Las Lomas #2 Community CentreCaroni South Bank Road, LAS Lomas #2
18.Lisas Garden Community CentreBalise Avenue, Lisas Gardens, Couva
19.Longdenville Community CentreSt. Cyr Street, Longdenville
20.Longdenville North/East Community CentreRatanee Trace, Longdenville
21.Mamoral #2 Community CentreMamoral #2, Mamoral
22.Munroe Road Community CentreLand Settlement Munroe Road, Cunupia
23.Oplay/Esperanza Community CentreEsperanza Village, California
24.Orange Valley Community CentreBay Road, Orange Valley
25.Perseverance/Couva Community CentreMain Road, Perseverance. Couva
26.Preysal Community CentrePolo Ground Road, Inshan Ali Avenue, Preysal
27.Roystonia/Couva Community CentreCaryota Drive, Roystonia
28.Siewdass Road Community CentreSiewdass Road, Carlsen Field
29.Spring Village Community CentreGreig Street, Balmain, Couva
30.Springvale Community CentreMt. Pleasant/Forres Park, Springvale, Couva
31.Tabaquite Community CentreMain Road, Tabaquite
32.Todds Road Community CentreMain Road, Todds Road
33.Union Village Community CentreUnion Village, Couva
34.Waterloo Community CentreCorner of Main Road and Butler Village, Waterloo


No.Nariva / Mayaro Community CentresAddress
1.Biche Community CentreBaptiste Street, Settlement Village, Biche
2.Boos Community CentreCorner Hibiscus Arch and Ecclesville Road, ¼ m.m. Rio Claro, Mayaro Old Rd
3.Brothers Road Community Centre769 Torrib Tabaquite Road, Brothers Road Village, New Grant
4.Cushe Community Centre21 ¾ m.m. School Street, Cushe Village, Cunapo Southern Main Road
5.Dades Trace Community Centre1 ½ m.m. Dades Road, Rio Claro
6.Fonrose Community CentreRajali Street, 22 m.m. Fonrose Village, Naparima / Mayaro Road,  Rio Claro
7.Guayaguayare Community CentreL.P. #61 Ferrier Circular Road, Guayaguayare
8.La Savanne Community Centre9 ¾ m.m. Warrick Street, New Lands, La Savanne, Guayaguayare
9.Libertville Community CentreOld Mayaro Road, Libertville
10.Mafeking Community Centre37 ½ m.m. Naparima Mayaro Road, Mafeking Village, Mayaro
11.Navet Community Centre24 m.m. Cunapo, Southern Main Road, Rio Claro
12.Ortoire Community Centre51m.m. Point Radix Road Ext, Manzanilla Mayaro Rd, Ortoire Village, Mayaro
13.Radix Community CentreCorner Gould & Cemetery Street, Guayaguayare Road, Mayaro
14.Rio Claro Community CentreNathal Street, Naparima Mayaro Road, Rio Claro
15.San Pedro Community Centre25 m.m. Tabaquite Road, San Pedro, Rio Claro, L.P. #162


No.St. Andrew / St. David Community CentresAddress
1.Brooklyn Community CentreMcGuillvary Road, Sangre Rd
2.Coryal Community CentreTamana Hill Road, Coryal
3.Cumana Community CentreToco Main Road, Cumana
4.Cunaripo Community CentreGuaico Tamana Road, Cunaripo
5.Four Roads, Tamana Community CentreFour Roads, Tamana Junction
6.Gordon Miller Community Centre4 ¼ mm, North Oropouche
7.Grande Riviere Community CentreRampanalgas Road, Grand Riviere
8.Guiaco Tamana Community CentreGuiaco Tamana Road
9.L’Anse Noir Community CentreParia Main Road, L’Anse Noire
10.La Tosca Community CentreValequez Road, Guaico Tamana
11.Manzanilla Community CentreEastern Main Road, Manzanilla #2, Manzanilla
12.Maraj Hill Community CentreCunapo Southern Main Road, Maraj Hill
13.Matelot Community CentreParia Main Road, Matelot
14.Matura Community CentreMendoza Road, Matura
15.Montevideo Community CentreParia Main Road, 120 km Montevideo
16.Nestor Community CentreGuiaco Tamana Road, Nestor
17.North Eastern (Duranta Gardens)Lantana Ave, North Duranta Gardens, Sangre Grande
18.North Manzanilla Community CentreNorth Manzanilla Road, North Manzanilla
19.Plum Mitan Community Centre7 1/4 mm Plum Mitan Main Road
20.Rampanalgas Community CentreParia Man Road, Balandra
21.Sangre Chiquito Community CentreEastern Main Road, Sangre Chiquito
22.Sans Souci Community CentreParia Main Road, San Souci
23.St. Helena Community CentreSanta Cruz Road
24.Upper Sangre GrandeEastern Main Road, Upper Sangre Grande
25.Valencia Community CentreQuare Road, Valencia
26.Vega de Oropouche Community Centre3 ½ Toco Main Road, Vega de Oropouche


No.St. George East Community CentresAddress
1.Arima Community Centre12 Anglican Road, Arima
2.Aripo Community CentreAripo Main Road, Aripo Heights
3.Arouca Community CentreVictory Street, Arouca
4.Bamboo Grove #2 Community Centre LP #54, Jaffar Street, Bamboo Groove #2
5.Blanchisseuse Community CentreRecreation Ground Road, Upper Village Blanchisseuse
6.Bon Air East Community CentreEmperor Boulevard, Bon Air East
7.Bon Air West Community CentreBlue Mussel Street, Bon Air West
8.Brasso Seco Community Centre LP #51-1 Lalaja, School Street, Paria Road via Arima, Brasso Seco
9.Brazil Community CentreLP #51,Transport Street, Brazil Village, Arima
10.Cane Farm / Kandahar Community CentreCrown Street, Tacarigua
11.Carapo Community CentreCarapo Main Road, Arima
12.Caura Activity CentreLP #137, Caura Royal Road, Caura
13.Champ Fleur Community CentreLP #65 Quarry Drive, Champ Fleur
14.Curepe Community CentreSouthern Main Road
15.D’Abadie Community CentreRecreation Ground Road, D’Abadie
16.El Dorado Community CentreCaura Royal Road, El Dorado
17.Five Rivers Community Centre5th Street, Five Rivers
18.Heights of Aripo Community CentreAripo Village, Arima
19.La Fillette Community CentreCorner Centenary Street, Paria Main Road, La Fillette
20.La Esmeralda Community CentreEsmeralda Drive, La Esmeralda
21.La Seiva Community CentreCentre Trace, La Seiva, St. Joseph
22.Las Cuevas Community CentreParia Main Road, St. Michael Village, Las Cuevas
23.Lluengo Community Centre#4 Las Cuevas Road, Lluengo Village, Maracas Village, St. Joseph
24.Lopinot/La Pastora Community CentreLopinot Road, Arouca
25.Mt. Pleasant/Calvary HillHerde Lands, Savannah Road, Arima
26.Maracas Bay Community CentreGrand Fond Road, Maracas Bay
27.Malabar Community CentreLP #51 Holly Betandier Place, Malabar Phase 4, Arima
28.Maracas Valley Community CentreCorner El Chorro Road and Royal Road, Maracas Valley
29.Morne La Croix Community CentreLP #212 Morne La Croix Village via Blanchisseuse Road, Arima
30.Mundo Nuevo Community CentreMundo Nuevo Road, via Talparo
31.Pinto Road Community CentrePinto Road #1, Arima
32.Real Spring Community CentreLP #53/1 NUGFW Housing Development, Real Spring, Valsayn
33.Red Hill Community CentreSettlement Road, Red Hill, D’Abadie
34.San Raphael Community CentreArena Road San Raphael Village, Arima
35.Spring Village Community Centre LP #55 Kalpoo Street, Spring Village, Valsayn
36.St. Augustine, South Community CentreFreeman Road, St. Augustine
37.St. Joseph Community CentreMarket Street, St. Joseph
38.Surrey Community CentreLP #68 Lopinot Road, Surrey Village
39.Tacarigua Community CentreBally Street, Tacarigua
40.Talparo Community CentreLP 151 Todds Station Road, Talparo
41.Tunapuna Community CentreCorner Centenary Street and Priority Bus Route, Tunapuna
42.Upper Malabar Community CentreLP 21 Malabar Main Road, Malabar, Arima
43.Wharf Trace Community CentreWharf Trace Maracas, St. Joseph


No.St. George West Community CentresAddress
1.Aranguez Community CentreMahelal Trace, Aranguez
2.Bagatelle Community CentreBagatelle Road, Diego Martin
3.Bamboo Grove #3 Community Centre17 2nd St, Bamboo Grove Settlement #3, Valsayn
4.Barataria Community CentreLower 6th Avenue Extension, Barataria
5.Beausejour Community CentreBlue Basin Road Diego Martin
6.Beetham Community CentrePhase 4, Beetham Gardens
7.Belle Vue Community CentreLP 9 Belle Vue Trace, Long Circular Road, St. James
8.Belmont Community Centre47 Jerningham Avenue, Belmont
9.Bourg Mulatresse Community CentreBourg Mulatresse, Lower Santa Cruz
10.Cantaro Community CentreCorner James and Charles Streets, Cantaro V’ge Upper Santa Cruz
11.Cascade Community CentreCascade Valley Road
12.Central Diego Martin Community Centre1 Jasper Ave, Diamond Vale, Diego Martin
13.Chinapoo Community CentreLaventille Ext. Rd, Chinapoo Village Morvant
14.Cocorite Community CentreLady Hochoy Circular, Waterhole
15.El Socorro Central Community CentreStraker Trace, El Socorro Extension, San Juan
16.Febeau Community CentreLaventille Road, Febeau V’ge, San Juan
17.Gasparillo  Santa Cruz Community CentreLP#53 El Carment Rd, Gasparillo Village, Santa Cruz
18.George Street Community Centre69-81 George Street, Port of Spain
19.Gonzales Community Centre4 Upper Quarry Circular Road, Gonzales
20.La Pastora / SusconuscoCorner Capriata and La Pastora Road, Upper Santa Cruz
21.La Seiva Community CentreRifle Range Rd, La Seiva, Morvant
22.Laventille Extension Community Centre7 Angelina Terrace, Never Dirty Road, Morvant
23.Lower St. Barbs Community Centre15 Lower St. Barbs, Belmont
24.Maitagual Community CentreBushe Street (North) Petit Bourg
25.Malick 6th Avenue Community CentrePrincess Royal Avenue, 6th Avenue Malick, Barataria
26.Mango Rose Community FacilityCorner Duke and Piccadilly Streets, Port of Spain
27.Maraval Community CentreMorne Coco Road, Maraval
28.Misir Community CentreSt. Francois Valley Road, Morvant
29.Mon Repos, Morvant Community CentreMon Repos Road, Morvant
30.Morvant Central Community CentrePlover Street Morvant
31.Moseley Place Community CentreNo. 1 Moseley Place, Port of Spain
32.Mt. D’Or Community CentreMt. D’Or Road, Champ Fleurs
33.Mt. Hope / Mt. Lambert Community CentreCommunity Drive, Mt. Hope
34.North Diego Martin Community CentreChurch Street, Diego Martin
35.Patna / River Estate Community CentreCorner North Post Road and Fuller Streets, River Estate, Diego Martin
36.Petit Valley Community CentreQuarry Road,, Petit Valley
37.Picton Community Centre19 Picton Road, Laventille
38.Sea Lots Community CentreProduction Avenue, Sea Lots
39.Shende Street Community CentreLP#73 Shende Street, Ext. Sunshine Avenue, San Juan
40.Simeon Road Community Centre2 Sparrow Drive, Petit Valley
41.Sogren Trace Community CentreSogren Trace,  Upper Laventille Road, East Dry River
42.South Diego Martin Community CentreSenior Street, Four Roads, Diego Martin
43.South Port of Spain Community Centre69-81 George Street, Port of Spain
44.Spree Simon Relief CentreLP2 Picton Rd, Laventille
45.St. Barb’s Central Community CentreUpper St. Barb’s Road, Belmont
46.St. Joseph Road Community Centre 25 St. Joseph Road, Port of Spain
47.Straker / Silk Cotton Community CentrePicton Road, Laventille
48.Success Central Community CentreMarcella Street, Success Village, Laventille
49.Trou Macaque Community CentreCorner Trou Macaque and Pelican Ext, Laventille
50.Upper 9th Avenue Community CentreCipriani Avenue, 2nd Caledonia
51.Upper Bournes Road Community CentreUpper Bournes Road, St. James
52.Upper La Canoa Community CentreUpper La Canoa Road, Lower Santa Cruz
53.Upper Morvant / Pelican Ext.Pelican Extension Road, Morvant
54.Upper Red Hill Community CentreCorbin Terrace, Upper St. Barbs Road
55.Upper Seventh Avenue, MalickUpper 7th Avenue, Centre Hill, #4 LP33 / 2 Malick


No.St. Patrick Community CentresAddress
1.Ackbar Trace Community CentreAckbar Trace, Siparia Old Road
2.Buenos Ayres Community CentreJackson Trace, Buenos Ayres
3.Bunsee Trace CentreBunsee Trace, Penal
4.Cap-de-Ville Community CentreSchool  Street, Cap-de-Ville, Main Road
5.Cedros Community CentreBonasse Village, Cedros
6.Chatham Community CentreBeach Road, South Chatham
7.Clarke Rochard Community CentreRochard Road, Penal
8.Dalley’s Village Community CentreCommunity Centre Street, Dalley’s Village,  Santa Flora
9.Erin Community CentreSt. Francis Village, Erin
10.Fanny Village Community Centre“E” Street, Fanny Village, Point Fortin
11.Granville Community CentreSyphoo Trace, Granville Village, Cedros
12.Guapo Community CentreGonzales Village, Guapo, Point Fortin
13.Katwaroo Trace Community CentreKatwaroo Trace, Penal
14.La Brea Community CentrePoint D’Or, Point Sable Road, La Brea
15.Lachoos Road Community CentreLachoos Road, Penal
16.Los Bajos Community CentreShearer Street, Los Bajos
17.Lot 10 Community CentreLot 10 Village, Parrylands Road, Guapo
18.Mendez Community CentreMendez Village, via Siparia
19.Mon Desir Community CentreMondesir Delhi Road, Fyzabad
20.Morne Diablo Community CentreScotts Road, Morne Diablo
21.Mulchan Trace Community CentreMulchan Trace, Penal
22.New Village Community CentrePilgrim Street, New V’ge Pt. Fortin
23.Palo Seco Los Charos Community CentreSS Erin Road, Palo Seco
24.Palo Seco SettlementWilson Street, Beach Road, Palo Seco
25.Penal Central Community CentreCommunity Centre Street, Clarke Road, Penal
26.Penal Rock Road 4 mm31 ¼ m.m. Rock Road
27.Rancho Quemado Community CentreSS Erin Road, Rancho Quemado
28.Rousillac Community CentreHappy Hill Road Southern Main Road, Rousillac
29.Siparia Community CentreGrell Street, Siparia
30.Sobo Community CentreSobo Main Road, Sobo Village, La Brea
31.South Oropouche Community CentreTito Hill, South Oropouche
32.Techier Community CentreTechier Main Road, Techier Village, Point Fortin
33.Thick Village Community CentreThick Village, Siparia Old Road
34.Timital Community CentreTimital, Pluck Road
35.Vance River Community CentreNo.1 Alexander Street, Vance River Village, La Brea
36.Vessigny Community CentreVessigny Village


NO.Victoria East Community CentresAddress
1.Basseterre Community Centre1827 Basse Moruga Road, Basseterre
2.Cunjal Community Centre237 Cunjal Road, Barrackpore
3.Gran Chemin Community CentreCorner La Retreat and Moruga Road, Gran Chemin, Moruga
4.Hardbargain Community CentreSister’s Road, Dyer V’ge Hard Bargain
5.Hindustan Community CentreHindustan Road, New Grant
6.La Gloria Community CentreMc Clean Trace, New Grant
7.La Lune Community Centre40G La Lune Village, Moruga
8.Lengua Community CentreSt. Croix Road, Lengua
9.Lower Brothers Road Community Centre1mm Torrib Tabaquite Road, Brothers, Rio Claro
10.Manahambre Community Centre2nd Brothers Hope Road, Manahambre
11.Marac Community CentreJoseph Jean Road, Marac Village
12.Princes Town Community CentreKnolly Street, Princes Town
13.Robert Village Community Centre20 ¾ m.m. Naparima Mayaro Road, Princes Town
14.Sisters Road Community CentreCorner Nuckcheddy and Sister’s Road, New Grant
15.St. Croix Community Centre4 m.m. St. Croix Road, Princes Town
16.Strange Community CentreCumuto Road, Barrackpore
17.Valley Line Community Centre#2 Junction Rochard Douglas Road, Barrackpore
18.Williamsville Community CentreKent Street, Williamsville


No.Victoria West Community CentresAddress
1.Bamboo / Duncan Community CentreNo. 1 Canaan Road, Bamboo Village, La Romaine
2.Caratal #2 Community Centre281 Caratal Road, Maryland, Gasparillo
3.Cocoyea Community CentreSt. Andrew’s Avenue, Cocoyea
4.Debe Community CentreWellington Road, Debe
5.Diamond Community CentrePicton Street, off Papourie Road, Diamond Village
6.Embacadere Community CentreLady Hailles Avenue, Embacadere, San Fernando
7.Friendship Community CentreCipero Road, Friendship Village
8.Gasparillo Community Centre121 Bonne Aventure Main Road, Gasparillo
9.Golconda Community CentreGolconda Road, Golconda
10.Gulf View Community CentreRecreation Avenue, Gulf View, La Romain
11.Hermitage Community CentreHermitage Village Dumfries Road, Hermitage
12.La Fortune Community CentreLot #33 La Fortune
13.La Romaine Community CentreLucky Street, La Romaine
14.Macaulay Community CentreMacaulay Road
15.Marabella Community CentreMarket Street, Union Park East, Marabella
16.Mayo Community Centre1 Palm Street, Mayo Village, Mayo
17.Petit Morne Community Centre7 Hibiscus Street, Petit Morne Settlement, Ste. Madeleine
18.Piparo Community CentreL.P. 76 Pascal Road
19.Pleasantville Community Centre#2 Prince Albert Street, Pleasantville
20.Rambert Community CentreCedar Grove Road, Rambert Village, La Romaine
21.Reform Village Community CentreReform Village Reform
22.St. Charles Community CentreSt. Charles Road, St. Charles
23.St. John’s Community CentreSt. John’s Street, St. John’s
24.St. Margaret’s Community CentreSt. Margaret’s Village Claxton Bay
25.Tortuga Community Centre328 Mayo Road, Tortuga Village, Tortuga
26.Union Community CentreSand Spring Road, Recreation Ground Trace, Hermitage, Claxton Bay
27.Whiteland Community CentreWhiteland Junction off Morne Roche Road, Whiteland
28.Woodland Community CentreLa Fortune Road, Woodland