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Title: Michael's Green Thumb/ GIY Challenge 2022/ 3rd Video Submission
Author: Micky.Osondu
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Category: Best Junior Kitchen Garden
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Description: This is my third video submission for the Grow It Yourself (GIY) 2022 Challenge hosted by the Ministry of Sport and Community Development in T&T. I am participating in the best Junior Kitchen Garden Category. My garden space is 36sq ft.
My long term crops are flowering and bearing. My parsley is also ready for harvesting. My second rotation of patchoi are growing nicely. Some bachac were observed. I used organic measures to deter these insects (spray with garlic solution). I used NPK Fertilizers to help with plant growth. My crops were also weeded and molded to encourage root development and plant growth. I water my crops twice daily in the morning and evening. I placed mulch between my crops to prevent the growing of weeds and to also prevent soil from splashing on my short term crops since the rainy season is in effect. My vertical gardening tower which contain parsley has a drip irrigation system. Marigolds were also planted to deter pests.
My crop records are attached at the end of the video