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Title: Grow it yourself challenge 2022 part (2)
Author: Anthony
Votes: 23

Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: Name : Anil Anthony Sankar
Category: medium garden
Size : 3×11 sq ft (33 sq feet)
Most innovative
Most sustainable
Most decorative
Plants : long term
Tomatoes- Delhi (8)
cucumbers trini cuke - (15)
Short term
Pachoi- tall boy (17)
Celery- hybrid (40)
Chives allium schoenoprasum (20)
Shadon beni - (20)
In my 2nd video I broke down my video into three different categories
1. Most sustainable: where I used supermarket baskets,water bottles, rain water made up a compost heap as well as a water sprinkler to help watering my crops the used of organic pesticides.
2. Most innovative: Garden design
33 square feet. Use of a water sprinkler to water plants,Use of organic pesticides ( baking soda,neem oil, liquid soap,Epsom salt nutrex) etc. Planted tomatoes in water bottles hanging upsided down and pachoi in food basket to utilize space as well as the cucumbers to climb on fence for more fruits
3. Most decorative: Made a scarecrow to keep away birds.Use painted stone for competition logo GIY challenge as well as plastic critters (frogs spiders) made hand made mushroom using water bottles and paper plates Use of signage of crops and benefits paper butterflies.
Also have my crop journal .
Finally will like to thank the ministry of sports and community development for hosting the GIY Challenge looking forward to part 3.