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Title: Petronella’s Medium Kitchen Garden
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Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: Hi everyone, my name is Petronella Solomon and this is my very first year joining the Grow It Yourself (GIY) competition. I've entered the medium kitchen category and also selected to become an influence on Facebook @ Petronella Solomon and Instagram @_nxlla._. My 3 long term crops are okra, melongene and sweet pepper. My 4 short term are chive, parsley, celery and shadobeni.The size of my garden is 34.5 square feet.
I was allows interested in garden from a very young age watching my dad plant crops and enjoyinh harvest from his backyard garden but I didn't really got into it.Come across this wonderful event gave me a great opportunity to learn a lot about the gardeners life and how much thought is put into it. So far it is a great experience and I can't wait to carry you all on my gardening journey with me.Hope you enjoy video.