Parental Support for High-Conflict Families

Currently, there are six Parental Support Groups and one Men Support Group with collectively about three hundred members. These groups are hosted and supported technically by the Division. Membership is voluntary and fluid. The issues discussed are based on the articulated and perceived needs of the member.

Twice per year seminars and workshops are hosted for members of these groups to explore issues that are of common concern to all groups.

Members comprise clients, for mediation and social work interventions, referral from other agencies and general members of the public who believe that they require support in the management of issues affecting their families. These peer support groups provide a safe space for members to sharpen their parenting skills, access support, information and supportive relationships to cope and better manage domestic situations.


Through these groups, parents and grandparents:

  • Are equipped with information and skills to improve their confidence and competence in childrearing.
  • Access support and develop coping skills and mechanisms in a non-threatening and supportive environment
  • Experience enhanced quality of family life.