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Title: Curleena weston final video submission (medium kitchen garden)
Author: Curleena Weston
Votes: 46

Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
Views: 684
Description: Curleena`s medium kitchen garden
short term crops: Lettuce,Pakchoi,celery,parsely,chive,Chadon benni
long term crops:ochro,cucumber,sweet pepper
special categories
most innovative
most decorative
most sustainable
Best influencer
Marigolds was used as a pest repellant
Compost tea helps loosen clay soils for air and water to move, and helps sandy soils retain water and nutrients
Mulch was used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool.
Recycled platic bottles was used as a simple irrigation system
i was 100% satisfied with the produce
crop record sheet was prevented previously
The crops were distributed to family,friends and neighbour
i used vegetables to make fresh salad,pakchoi and rice,celery juice,fried ochro
Thanks to Ministry allowing me to partake in this competition once more
Thanks to my voters and supporters
sweetpeper -1 thus far
pakchoi -7 bundles
Celery and parsley-12 bundles
Chadon Benni-6 bundles
Chive-12 bundles
cucumber -3