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Title: Kamilah's GIY DIY Large Garden #2 100sqft
Author: KamiHil
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: I am in the large Category and I'm also entering "most innovative" and" most sustainable" garden also.
My aim this year is to show that anyone can plant, regardless of space.
Do you have a small area? Use pvc on walls, live in an apartment? Use containers!!
Have ground space, but the soil is horrible?? Build raised beds, growboxes!!!
Want to be fancy? Build a pergola and let all your vining crops flourish !!!!
In my garden I make sure to encourage birds also! I recycled plastic water bottles, tyres, twigs, twine, grass clippings from nearby savannah 😜 I use ALL garden scraps to make compost. I use neem oil mixed with a drop of dish soap for preventive measures from pests! Self watering feature with my water bottles. I have chive planted throughout.