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Title: GIY Competition 1st Video Sumbission
Author: Ezra Williams
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Category: Large Kitchen Garden
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Description: Garden Size: 5ft x 13ft
Crops: Tomato, Chive, Celery, Sweet Pepper and Patchoi.
For the soil we have used chicken manure, rotted wood and top soil.

The garden bed was constructed using old bricks and old tyres.

We have integrated a rain barrel to conserve water, mulching to preserve moisture in the soil and minimize weed growth and a compost bin for a consistant supply of fertilizer.

For pest management we are using natural home made pesticides- garlic, onion and pepper spray, baking soda and soap mix.

To keep plants hydrated we are using a DIY Drip irrigation system using old plastic soft drink bottles.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for our exciting upgrades.