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Title: Cheryl A De Gannes, MEDIUM Kitchen Garden. Consideration for GIY 2022 Best Medium kitchen Garden, 35 square feet -: Most Decorative, Innovative and Sustainable Kitchen Garden
Author: Cheryl Ann
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Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: Consideration for GIY 2022 Best Medium kitchen Garden, 35 square feet presented by Cheryl Ann De Gannes-: *Most Decorative, Innovative and Sustainable Kitchen Garden.
My whimsical themed Garden, has been decorated with -:
Gnomes, decorated Garden Tools, inspirational themed stones, Garden plaques, recycled Garden fence, decorative River stones, mulch and printed signs. Illustrations of the Crops were placed within the Garden for easy identification.
Recycled pallets were altered into a smaller size to accommodate the Garden space and planted with Herbs and companion plants. Kettles and wire baskets were utilized for the Herbs and companion plants.
The display has been carefully arranged with the Re-use, Recycle and Resource theme, as sweet peppers were planted in recycled containers such as Car Hubs, Pakchoi and Cauliflower were planted in the Washing Machine tubs and Mustard Greens, and more Pakchoi seedlings, Celery and Parsley were planted in Steel drums. Each of these Steel drums were framed neatly in a recycled wooden frame.
Cucumbers and Bodi were grown in the recycled fabric bags.
Additionally, recycled pieces of PVC guttering were hung along the Perimeter fence and were utilized for the Lettuce, Chives and Shadon Beni.
In keeping with the conservation the use of self-watering containers, 500ml water bottles were filled with rain water and supported with recycled wooden skewers and placed upside down to drip and provide the moisture for the plants. When necessary the use of discarded pieces of PVC were utilized as a sprinkler system for the Garden place.
Three (3) Easy build cucumber trellis were made from recycled wooden dowels, Bodi vines were supported by recycled metal stakes in the form of a teepee, all of these vertical structures did not exceed the four (4) feet height and within the GIY regulations.