Artists Registry

Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts

Formally known as the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers, the Artist Registry is a database  of nationals of Trinidad and Tobago who operate within the creative sector. This initiative, launched in February 2011, has facilitated the development of the creative sector through the recognition and certification of the bona fide of individuals, organisations and creative productions. In 2015, the facility to register festivals was introduced. Registration is free of charge and expires every five (5) years and must be renewed accordingly.




TEMPLATES- Treatment and Scripts
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TEMPLATES-festival overview
TEMPLATES-Marketing plan
TEMPLATES-Organisational Porfile


The Registry facilitates the registration of individual artists, cultural workers and cultural organisations. It also facilitates the certification of audio, visual, video productions and festivals.


All individual applicants are required to submit:

  1. Proof of Trinidad and Tobago citizenship
  2. Samples of published work for each field of endeavour selected
  3. letter of recommendation for all selected fields of endeavour
  4. profile of no more than 300 words
  5. headshot of yourself (4X6 inches)

Click here for detailed guidelines on requirements for individual applicants. (link to Application for Individuals PDF File )

All organisations are required to submit:

  1. Profile of the organisation(Outlining the organisation’s purpose, functions and structure)
  2. A photo representative of the organisation / its logo: 4×6 inches
  3. Copies of the organisation’s articles of association or incorporation / constitution or by-laws
  4. Resumes of the executive of the organisation, or at least three (3) which includes the Founder / President / Chief Executive Officer (Profiles and Biographies are not accepted)
  5. Copies of minutes of two recent meetings, one of which records the establishment of the current executive of the organisation
  6. Samples of published work for each field of endeavour selected

Click here for detailed guidelines on requirements for organisations applying to become registered. (Links to Application Requirements for Organisations PDF. FILE)

Individuals or organisations applying to certify audio, visual or video productions must submit:

  1. Synopsis documentation for each work listed (a summary of the script)
  2. AFull Script / Lyrics / Treatment for each work listed (the entire text for the work)
  3. Distribution Plan for each work listed (an outline of channels and strategy for distributing the work to the general public)

Click here for detailed guidelines on requirements certifying audio, visual or video productions as an individual or organisation. (Links to Application Requirements for Certification by Individuals or Organisations PDF. File)

Organising Committees / Entities applying to certify a festival must submit:

  1. Copies of the organization’s Articles of Association or Incorporation / Constitution or By-Laws. (In the case where the organization does not possess these required documents, at least fifty-one percent (51 %) of the executive members are required to be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago).
  2. Resumes of at least three (3) members of the Executive. (Profiles and bios will are not accepted)
  3. Festival Documentation:
    • Overview of Festival (background on festival, program of activities)
    • Marketing Plan(strategy for promotion)
    • Evidence to showcase the festival was hosted for at least three (3) years or for three (3) instances over a period of time in the form of: newspapers articles, advertisements (digital, print or video), memorabilia, sponsorship letters, tickets, official passes and flyers to name a few.

Click here for detailed guidelines on requirements certifying audio, visual or video productions.

To speak with the Secretariat of the Artist Registry, e-mail or call (868) 753-3940 or 753-3969.