Culture and Arts

The Culture Division focuses on the development of Trinidad and Tobago’s many cultural and artistic forms. It partners with and supports to the work of cultural organisations, community groups, arts based NGOs and artists and cultural workers. It also takes the lead on policy development and implementation for the culture sector. The Division is comprised of several Teams that directly correspond to its main strategic objectives as well as an Administrative Team which provides support to those named below. These are as follows:

  1. Development of Competencies in the Literary, Visual and Performing Arts: Capacity building, skills development, and organisational strengthening are the main operations here.
  2. Development of Cultural Industries: This Team leads initiatives designed to increase the commercial viability of the Culture Sector. They also manage the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers.
  3. Festival Development: This team conducts the lion’s share of the Division’s major events, manages formal Cultural Exchanges and provides technical support to external agencies so as to improve the quality of their product.
  4. Heritage Preservation: This team manages the Division’s portfolio of activities related to UNESCO Conventions, presents exhibitions on National Days and Festivals and other significant events. They also manage the Research Library of the Culture Division.
  5. Professional Arts Companies: This team manages the National Performing Arts Companies inclusive of
    • the National Steel Symphony Orchestra [NSSO],
    • the National Philharmonic Orchestra [NPO] and
    • the National Theatre Arts Company [NTAC]