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Title: Rosemin Surujdeen 1st Video Submission GIY Challenge 2022
Author: Rose
Votes: 117

Category: Large Kitchen Garden
Views: 1369
Description: Crop Record Sheet
Total Garden Space: 52 Sq .ft (3 grow boxes and 3 tires)

Compost Materials: Topsoil; Horse Manure; Rotted Wood; Sharp-Sand and Ash.
1. Horse Manure: Contains nutrients such as: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK)
2. Rotted Wood: Provides homes for countless organisms including insects, worms, fungi, and birds. As it rots it slowly enriches the soil adding loads of carbon-rich organic matter.
3. Sharp Sand: Improves the soil's overall drainage while providing calcium.
4. Ash: Repels slugs and snails while neutralizing the soil acidity and adding calcium.

Short-term Crops Planted on 20/04/2022
1. Patchoi: Type: Joy-Choi: 41 seedlings
2. Lettuce: Type: Iceberg: 56 seedlings

Long-term Crops Planted on 20/04/2022
1. Sweet Pepper: Type: Destra) – 12 seedlings
2. Ochro: Type: White – 6 seedlings

Fertilizer Used: 12-24-12
Organic Matter Used: Bat Guano (provides NPK while protecting against nematodes).
Water Used: Rainwater

Insect Pest(s) Observed: None as @ 27.04.2022
Diseases Observed: None as @ 27.04.2022