The Tale of Two Centenarians

In the quiet community of New Village Point Fortin there exist two centenarians, 100 year old Alban Munroe and Patricia Reneaud who is 101. Hidden gems of the community both born in Grenada but migrated to Trinidad.

Born on November 8th, 1917, Mr. Alban Munroe migrated to Trinidad in his thirties in search of better opportunities. He established contact with fellow country man Tubral Uriah “Buzz” Butler and became part of the Butler Movement. At that time Butler was organising workers to strike for better wages and working conditions and Mr. Munroe became heavily involved in this struggle. He was one of hundreds who marched from Point Fortin to Port-of-Spain in 1947 and he along with others were imprisoned for a period of time due to his involvement with the Butler Movement.

On their release from prison, they were advised by Butler to erect houses using “round wood” in the area they occupied. They decided to call the area “Strikers Village”, however the loyal “Butlerites” insisted that it be called “Butlers Village”. The said area became known as New Village in the 1950’s. Mr. Munroe explained, he worked in the Oilfield in Point Fortin with an oil company known then as United British Oil (UBOT) in their Maintenance Department. Butler had asked the company to give a two (2) cents increase on every barrel of oil sold, and they refused. Butler called a strike and the rest is history.

Ms. Patricia Reneaud, lovingly called Cousin Pattay or Tanty Patricia was born on April 4th 1916 and is a few days shy of being one hundred and two (102) years old. She migrated to Trinidad at age eight (8) and lived with her Aunt in La Brea where she attended the La Brea Roman Catholic Primary School. Later, as a young woman, she relocated to Egypt Village and worked at the Maternity Clinic in Egypt where she acquired relevant knowledge on delivering babies and assisted many women to deliver their babies.

In 1946 she came to the then Strikers or Butler’s Village to settle down and became the local village Nurse, Midwife and Doctor. Even up to this time, she still tries to help people, despite the fact that she is unable to do much. Ms Reneaud was a strong “Butlerite” and up to present time she still considers Butler to be a “Hero”. She holds him in high esteem for all that he has accomplished for workers and the working class.

On Tuesday 20th March, 2018 both Centenarians were honoured for their contribution to the community by the New Village Community at the re-dedication of their community centre.



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