Sangre Grande Community Swimming Pool to Undergo Significant Refurbishment

In a significant milestone for the Sangre Grande community, the Ministry of Sport and Community Development has unveiled plans for extensive refurbishment works at the Sangre Grande Community Swimming Pool, a vital hub for recreational and educational activities since its construction in 1975.

The Sangre Grande Community Swimming Pool, boasting amenities such as a pool basin, administrative office, pavilion, and district office with dedicated sports and youth officers, has been a cornerstone for various community activities. Throughout its history, the pool has served as the venue for recreational events, adult swimming classes, and school programmes involving esteemed institutions like the Hope Academy (Special School), Sangre Grande Hindu School, Sangre Grande SDA, and Sangre Grande Secondary School.

Due to pump and filtration system issues, the Sangre Grande Community Swimming Pool was closed in 2021 to avoid potential risks to water quality and safety. 

Commenting on the closure and pending refurbishment works, The Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe, Minister of Sport and Community Development said, “In 2021, we took the decision to close the pool, doing what was necessary to safeguard the community from potential health and safety issues stemming from the filtration system. With the refurbishment we are addressing this system to permanently remove any safety and water quality and giving the facilities a much needed facelift. During the closure, we have kept on only essential personnel to safeguard the facility and ensure routine maintenance, but we look forward to the full complement of staff and community users returning once the upgrades are completed.” 

In 2022 and 2023, the requests for work to be done went out for tendering. On both occasions, contractors failed to submit the required and valid statutory documents, and the process was not fully compliant with the new procurement legislation. Following unsuccessful tendering attempts in 2022 and 2023, the Ministry recently conducted successful site visits and is happy to announce the upcoming refurbishment during Fiscal 2023/2024.

The proposed works encompass a wide array of refurbishment activities, including a thorough mechanical overhaul, pool resurfacing, meticulous upgrades to sanitary facilities, painting of the perimeter fence, advanced enhancements to perimeter lighting, pavilion refurbishment, and an innovative overhaul of the air conditioning system. Additionally, a comprehensive improvement to the potable water supply is planned.

Supplementary on-site work will include office refurbishment, air conditioning improvements, and the replacement of gates, doors, and windows, contributing to the holistic transformation of the facility. It is anticipated that the refurbishment works, once commenced, will be completed in approximately three (3) months. At present, the Ministry is actively engaged in the procurement process to select qualified contractors for the execution of these essential works.

This undertaking underscores the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled facilities that contribute to fostering a community-oriented, healthy, and active lifestyle in keeping with the National Policy on Sport. The Ministry appreciates the public’s patience and cooperation during this period of enhancement and looks forward to unveiling a rejuvenated Sangre Grande Community Swimming Pool for the benefit of the residents of Sangre Grande and its environs. 

Similar refurbishment works are scheduled to commence in 2024 for the Siparia, La Horquetta, and Couva community pools. This comprehensive effort underscores the Ministry’s dedication to fostering vibrant and modernized facilities that contribute to the overall health and active lifestyle of communities across the nation.