MSCD and TTOC launch two community sport capacity building courses

The Ministry of Sport and Community Development has teamed up with the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) to bolster the sporting potential of communities. As part of the Ministry’s wider Community Sport initiative, two capacity building courses have been designed to empower communities to create, sustain, and elevate emerging athletes, sporting competitions and overall sport management. The courses, Introduction to Coaching and Sport Administration, have been carefully curated by both entities to provide the right technical knowledge to participants.

The first course, Introduction to Coaching, will target new and/or uncertified coaches to be educated on the fundamental aspects of Sport Development and general coaching principles. The target audience will be coaches operating community clubs and groups. This course is part of a broader educational series and holistic approach to coaching. The Introduction to Community Coaching will cover modules in the Role of a coach, Athlete Profile, Nutrition, Planning Training Sessions, Developing fitness, Injury and recovery planning. At the end of the course, a database will be created for data collection and the development of a pathway for certification in sport.

With respect to the Sport Administration Course, promoting good governance and developing well structured, operational, sustainable sports organizations through education will be the main focus. Executive and Ordinary members of Community Sport Organizations/ Sport Serving Bodies, Coaches, Athletes and persons interested in Sport Administration and Sport Management will be targeted, and participants will be exposed to different modules such as: Leadership, Constitution, Proposal Writing, Project Management/Event Management, Budgeting, Marketing and Sponsorship. At the end of this course, a database will also be created for data collection and future certification purposes. The courses intend to attract three hundred (300) administrators from all districts across Trinidad and Tobago.


Registration for the courses is underway and courses will run from the end of May to August 2021. The following provides an outline of the schedule and availability by district:

Introduction to Community Coaching

Offered to coaches of sporting groups, clubs and teams within the community

May 25th to June 9th:  St George East, St George West, St Andrew/ St David, Caroni Districts

6th July- 17th July- St Patrick East, St Patrick West, Victoria East, Victoria West, Nariva/Mayaro Districts

Link to form registration form:


Sport Administration

Offered to executive members of community sporting groups, teams, clubs and village councils within the community

May 26th to June 20th: St George East, St George West, St Andrew/ St David, Caroni districts

14th July- 24 August- St Patrick East, St Patrick West, Victoria East, Victoria West, Nariva/Mayaro Districts

Link to registration form:

Dates for Tobago will be provided in due course, and interested persons can visit the MSCD’s social media pages for the course details and links to registration forms.