Ministry of Sport and Community Development Launches Internship Programme

On Monday 11th July 2022, the Ministry of Sport and Community Development launched its internship programme Dream-Chasers Apprenticeship and Mentorship Project (D-CAMP) 2022 at the Belmont Community Centre, Jerningham Avenue, Belmont. This programme seeks to introduce young persons, primarily from East Port of Spain, but will also facilitate youths from other areas of Trinidad and Tobago, between the ages of 17-28, to the world of work while providing a platform for the honing of their entrepreneurial spirit.

At the launch, the Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe, Minister of Sport and Community Development encouraged the participants to take the opportunity seriously and make the best of the experience. She further stated that the programme “is not just about the stipend you will receive but about the skills you will obtain, the people that you are going to meet and the experiences that you are going to share”.

Over the next seven weeks, 100 Secondary and Tertiary students will benefit from life-skills training, visioning and mapping, networking, practical occupational training and technical experience while building relationships with professionals in various fields.