Launch of “Through My Lens” Photography Exhibition

May 3rd, 2018

Good evening,

For the next hour or so, I want you to pause. Pause from the myriad of thoughts flickering through your mind: tomorrow’s to-do list, last week’s challenges, and next month’s goals. Focus on the fifty plus images here in front of you. Observe the colours, the expressions, the stillness, and the movement of these photographs, and allow yourselves to briefly become lost in the story that each depicts.

Someone said that “in photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” These images capture our reality; moments that lie somewhere in the deep recesses of our collective memory; telling a single story of the lives of 1.3 million persons living on these twin islands. This evening, I want you to connect with the image, or images, that revive your childlike wonder, or fuel your thirst for our culture and distinct personality, or that which will transport your mind to a serene landscape.

“To Trinidad and Tobago, from Me” describes the mission undertaken by the National Museum and Art Gallery to find our varied perspectives on life in Trinidad and Tobago, and to collate these perspectives through the medium of photography. It is the Museum’s responsibility, and by extension that of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, to unearth pathways for our art forms and artistes to be recognized and celebrated, and this evening our country’s premier art institution is saying to our talented, amateur photographers, “this is your space, this is your time. Let your skill tell your story”.

I heartily congratulate all participants whose enthusiasm for the “Trinidad and Tobago” brand led to over 150 photography submissions being received for this exhibition. This launch serves as a catalyst for photography entrepreneurship in this country. Over the coming weeks, hundreds of persons will visit this space, view your pieces, and will certainly want to start conversations with you on how to further your passion. I urge you to use this exhibition as the start of something meaningful in your artistic journey.

I also heartily congratulate Ms. Lorraine Johnson, Curator of the National Museum and Art Gallery for continuing to seek out and develop the talent of our up and coming artistes. This space will continue to open its doors to the outpouring of creative artistry residing in this country.

Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for choosing to share your evening with us, and do enjoy this ode to our beloved Trinidad and Tobago.

Thank you again.