Request for Proposals – Digital Advertising and Campaign for Carifesta XIV in 2019


  • The theme “The Tangible and the Intangible”, and “Connect, Share, Invest” has been accepted by CARICOM and will be used for the festival.
  • In terms of the official logo for the festival, there was a nationwide call for a Logo to be designed for Carifesta IX, and a winning logo has been selected. It is not yet available for review but should be officially launched shortly.
  • CARIFESTA XIV runs from August 16-25th 2019. The planning for the festival started in November 2017, with specific and targeted Communications in the media. The official campaign would commence in October 2018 to Sept 2019
  • There is a draft Schedule of Events. It is very high level at this point, however the RFP gives a guide as to events for the Festival
  • The Target Market listed for the CARIFESTA XIV is the actual persons who will be participating in the festival, and would form the basis for targeting in the campaign. They will comprise different age groups, cultures and a variety of Arts and Cultural interests.
  • The RFP is primarily for a Social Media marketing campaign. While the scope for other digital assets is not included, the campaign should be formulated on the assumption that a website will be developed for the launch date. In terms of the use of mobile applications, this should be included in the submission.
  • There will be an RFP for the official CARIFESTA XIV website. The RFP will be published in the near future. The intention is to have the website officially launched by October 2018 at the start of the Campaign.
  • A proposal for use of a mobile application strategy is not outside the scope of the RFP.



 Re: Notice of Request for Proposal


1. BRIEF Summary

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago, through the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts (MCDCA) will be hosting CARIFESTA XIV 2019. Caribbean Festival of Arts, CARIFESTA, is the Region’s premier multi-disciplinary Arts and Culture festival. The festival was introduced by the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community in 1972 to celebrate the arts, foster a vision of Caribbean unity and to positively advance Caribbean culture regionally and internationally. In its original design, the festival was held every four years, but is now held every two years.

Since then, it has been hosted thirteen times in eight (8) Caribbean countries, namely Guyana (1972, 2008), Jamaica (1976), Cuba (1979), Barbados (1981), Trinidad and Tobago (1992, 1995, 2006), St. Kitts and Nevis (2000), Suriname (2003, 2013) Haiti (2015) and Barbados (2017). This roving festival attracts artists and culture professionals from over thirty (30) countries in the Region.  For years, it has been a catalyst for the strengthening of regional integration among Caribbean countries, artisans and cultural practitioners. Caribbean nations have actively participated in the festival and used it as a channel to promote the arts and culture of their country.


CARIFESTA embodies Caribbean integration. It is here that the people of the region come together creating one community and one people. Additionally, the festival strengthens the bonds between the islands, displays the creativity and ingenuity and demonstrates to the world the best that the region has to offer. It is said that CARIFESTA celebrates the Caribbean identity in a way that no other single event can.

The festival is therefore a launching pad for the Caribbean to take centre-stage; bringing rich, vibrant, thought-provoking and exhilarating expressions of talent and skill to the world.


Vision Statement:

To position CARIFESTA as a world-renowned mega festival of Caribbean cultural and artistic excellence, that brings economic benefits, unites the region and excites all peoples.


Mission Statement:

To stage a mega multidisciplinary roving festival that develops Caribbean Arts and Culture.





  1. CARIFESTA XIV 2019 in Trinidad & Tobago

As host nation in 2019, it is our intention to create the space, avenue and hub for participating nations to flourish and to “Connect, Share, Invest” in the Arts and Culture of the Caribbean.

The 2019 festival will showcase a multi-talented cultural display in the visual and literary arts, storytelling, fashion, body art, craft, theatre, dance, music, film and new media from participating countries across the region and diaspora. It will provide an enabling environment for the discussions around sustainable growth and development of the creative industries and a major Cultural Tourism thrust.

The theme for CARIFESTA XIV in Trinidad and Tobago

                           “The Tangible and Intangible”

                                     Connect, Share, Invest

‘The Tangible and Intangible’ – Focusing on both Tangible and Intangible aspects of culture and heritage

‘Connect Share Invest’ – This speaks to the necessity for the Caribbean people, artists and cultural practitioners to Connect with each other, to Share ideas and learnings and Invest in the development of our cultural products and creative industries.




In Trinidad and Tobago, the creative and cultural sectors are an integral part of our economy, we are a Mecca; the Creative and Cultural Capital of the region. The home of Carnival, “the greatest show on earth”, as such we are excited to showcase and market the culture of Trinidad and Tobago to the Caribbean region, Diaspora and the rest of the world through this festival.



There are many benefits of hosting CARIFESTA XIV in T&T, ideally it will provide an economic stimulus to Trinidad and Tobago through championing a cost effective, Creative and Cultural Industry focused, world class premier Arts Festival.



“To promote, inform and excite all stakeholders about CARIFESTA XIV in Trinidad & Tobago, regionally and internationally and encourage participation in the festival”

  1. Build awareness and interest in CARIFESTA XIV among local, regional and international stakeholders and audiences
  2. Encourage participation among local, regional and international stakeholders and audiences
  3. Promote the activities and events of CARIFESTA XIV
  4. Promote T&T as the premier Cultural Capital and Hub for Culture and Arts
  5. Promote that this CARIFESTA XIV cannot be missed!





  1. THEME


Trinidad & Tobago

“Connect, Share, Invest”


  2. Delegates & Participating Countries
  3. Artiste, Artist, Cultural Workers, Entertainers
  4. Regional Caribbean Countries
  5. Diaspora in the US, UK and Europe
  6. People and families within Communities & Villages across Trinidad & Tobago
  7. Creatives and Special Interest Groups
  8. Private Sectors
  9. Businesses & Entrepreneurs
  10. General public participating and attending CARIFESTA XIV



In CARIFESTA XIV Trinidad and Tobago as host nation, will create a space for artists gatherings and collaborations, in addition to sharing aspects of the intangible Caribbean cultural heritage such as food, music, dance and theatre.


The festival will incorporate many events, concerts and shows; catering to the various audiences and sectors of society. The following are some of the programming elements.

  • Visual Arts Exhibitions
  • Dance & Theatre Showcases
  • Literature, Poetry & Spoken Word
  • Film Festival
  • Fashion Shows
  • Food Festival
  • Beverage Festival
  • Music Showcases
  • Super Concert
  • Workshops & Symposia
  • Trade Booths





The Ministry of Community Development Culture and Arts is seeking an Advertising or Digital Communications Agency to develop a Digital Marketing Campaign and manage the Online Marketing efforts for CARIFESTA XIV. It will be used for Trinidad & Tobago’s hosting of the festival carded for August 16th to 25th 2019.The Agency will be required to develop and execute a Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan for the festival identifying the channels for all things online from websites to social media and web advertising.

The goal is to raise awareness and promote the festival and its activities, encourage customer engagement and attendance at the various festival events. This should be accomplished by using Strategy Development and Digital Technologies that are measurable, targeted, and interactive.

The campaign, should capture the essence of CARIFESTA and reflect the Arts, Culture and dynamism of Trinidad & Tobago as host nation and that of the Caribbean people.

Proposed Digital Channels and Requirements

  • Website
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
  • Other applicable Digital and Social Media Channels or Trends
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Monitoring
  • Booking and Promotion of Online Ads
  • Content Development
  • Data Reporting and Monitoring
  • Live Stream
  • Other related areas: Media updates and Crisis Communications


Budget Allocation: TT$250,000.00

NOTE: The RFP for the design and development of the CARIFESTA XIV website is not included in this RFP. The Advertising Creatives for Festival will be supplied.

The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts invites Advertising and Digital Communication Agencies of Trinidad and Tobago to submit this proposal. Deadline for submission of completed proposal is 4:00 p.m. on May 7h, 2018.


  • A Proposal that specifically delineates the following :
  1. Signed cover letter
  2. Proposed Digital Marketing Campaign and Online Marketing strategy and tactics
  3. A profile of the organization, inclusive of statement of appropriate, relevant experience of the firm and designated members of the work team who will be assigned to the project
  4. A financial proposal to include the cost of each activity detailed in the Proposal
  • Email company information and campaign material to CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat
  • One (1) Original and three (3) Hard copies mailed or dropped off, company and campaign material to the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, Community Development Division, 18th Floor Nicholas Towers. St. Port of Spain


1. Understanding of brief and requirement15%
2.Data and Reporting Methodology 20%
3.Innovation in use of Digital strategies 30%
4.Portfolio and Client References20%
5.Cost Structure15%


During the evaluation process, the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, at its sole discretion, may request clarification of the contents of any proposal, without affecting the price quoted within.




The Agency selected will be required to enter into a formal contract with the Government Of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The contract will outline the full Terms and Conditions of the use of the campaign.


  • Note that Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (including all data) are to be assigned to the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts.
  • The proposed cost remains valid from date of submission
  • Note that the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts is not bound to accept any proposal
  • A successful tenderer will be required to enter into a formal contract with the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • The successful tenderer is required to pay all taxes in accordance with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago