The CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat seeks proposals from Producers/ Promoters interested in working with the Secretariat to produce the CARIFESTA XIV Super Concert, scheduled to take place at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Saturday 24th August, 2019. The Super Concert is one of the Signature events of CARIFESTA, and is meant to celebrate and promote the diversity of our Caribbean Artiste and Music of region.


The Government of Trinidad and Tobago, through the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts (MCDCA) will be hosting CARIFESTA XIV from August 16th – 25th 2019. CARIFESTA, the Caribbean Festival of Arts, is the Region’s premier multi-disciplinary Arts and Culture festival. The festival was introduced by the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community in 1972 to celebrate the Arts, foster a vision of Caribbean unity and to positively advance Caribbean culture regionally and internationally. Every two years, CARICOM and Non-CARICOM countries of the Caribbean and Latin America gather to celebrate the spirit of their people through the expressions of Visual Art, Music, Food, Literature, Folklore, Theatre and Dance at the Caribbean Festival of Arts.

For years, it has been a catalyst for the strengthening of integration among Caribbean countries, artisans and cultural practitioners; a space where Caribbean nations have actively participated in the festival and used it as a channel to promote the Arts and Culture of their country. This roving festival usually, attracts Artists and Culture professionals from over thirty (30) countries.

carifesta MANDATE

CARIFESTA embodies and expresses the Caribbean culture and heritage.  It is here that the people of the region come together; co-mingle, creating one community and one people. Additionally, the festival strengthens the bonds between the islands, displays the creativity and ingenuity and demonstrates to the world the best of the region. It is said that CARIFESTA celebrates the Caribbean identity in a way that no other single event can.


In Trinidad and Tobago, the creative and cultural sectors are an integral part of our economy, as one of the Creative and Cultural hubs of the region and the home of a Carnival which cannot be rivaled; we are excited to showcase and market the culture of Trinidad and Tobago to the Caribbean region, Diaspora and the rest of the world through this festival.

We are therefore looking forward to welcoming our Caribbean and international brothers and sisters to the land known for its Music, Mas and Merriment; to display our beauty, diversity, passion and rich culture.


The successful candidate will manage and produce the CARIFESTA XIV Super Concert in consultation and collaboration with the Executive Producers, CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat; who will be involved in the production process in order to provide guidance and assistance in the planning, implementation and execution of the show’s staging. The Secretariat will also recommend acts for consideration towards the achievement of the events objectives.

The venue for the concert is the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain. The show will be broadcast LIVE regionally using television, radio and online (Pay-Per- View) and social media channels.

Producers/Promoters interested in such an undertaking should suggest the artistic concept, combination of acts, production values, marketing strategies and budget to result in highly successful outcomes for the concert.

The festival is therefore a launching pad for the Caribbean to take centre-stage; bringing rich, vibrant, thought-provoking and exhilarating expressions of talent and skill to the world.

The main principles of CARIFESTA that will apply to the execution of the Concert are as follows:

  1. Depict the life of the people of the Region, their heroes, morale, myth, traditions, beliefs, creativeness, and ways of expression
  2. Explore the similarities and differences of the people of the Caribbean generally
  3. Establish and celebrate the arts as the most important dynamic force for reflection on our dreams and visions in the process of self-affirmation of the Caribbean personality
  4. Maximize people participation in the arts, promote integration and intensify the interaction between the people and the artists of the Region
  5. Deepen the awareness and knowledge of the diverse aspirations within the Caribbean Community
  6. Foster a vision of Caribbean unity and possibility by facilitating the documenting and disseminating of art works as highlights of the ongoing historical and cultural development of our people


  • Propose a Name for the Concert
  • Provide an Artistic Concept, Run of Show for the Concert.
  • Provide a Line-up of Proposed Artistes and Acts
  • Present the show’s production timeline and logistical requirements
  • Present Bios of the Production’s Key Production Personnel
  • Present a Detailed Budget Estimate for the Production and Staging of the Concert
  • Present a Marketing Strategy and its associated budget estimate
  • Present Brief Details on Experience in Presenting Concerts of a Similar Nature and/or Scale


  • Proposed Performers should be from Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean
  • Caribbean Artiste residing abroad may also be in the line-up
  • Performances and Acts must be representative of the various Genres of the Caribbean music
  • Concert must be suitable to diverse Audience
  • The Production must reflect that of a Caribbean Music Festival
  • Production Time maximum 4 hours
  • Start time 8pm.

 At the conclusion of the event, a final report will be required. The report must include a financial statement, a narrative section, describing the achievements and outcomes of the show, and collateral materials, such as newspaper clippings and any other media coverage or references. Please note that final payment will be contingent on the provision of this report


  • Concert concept, artiste line-up, flow and Rationale (40)
  • Marketing Strategy (10)
  • Organizational capacity, relevant similar experience and personnel (10 marks)
  • Budget* (30 marks)
  • Timeline production schedule (10 marks)

*A preliminary budget of approximately 950K has been set. The Secretariat remains committed to the principle of maximising value for money, as a consequence of which, proposers are being required to advance their own budgets, the competitiveness of which will account for 30% of the overall evaluation.


Responsibility for the production of the Concert will be primarily that of the assigned Producer/Promoter, including booking and negotiating contracts with artiste/performers/acts, securing all applicable permissions related to the staging of the event, and managing and producing the show while observing relevant Health and Safety Standards. The Secretariat will be responsible for securing the venue, the construction of the stage and provisions of the basic technical infrastructure as well as the basic recording and documenting. The Producer/Promoter will offer advice toward the development and execution of the marketing and branding and the sourcing of sponsorship. It is the responsibility of the producer to contract all performers and manage the event.


  1. The successful Service Provider should have at least six (6) years of relevant experience in the production, design and execution of Concerts, Cultural, Arts, Tourism and Festival events sectors.
  2. Experience working locally, regionally and internationally
  3. Experience working with professional independent or label-represented recording artistes and talent locally, regionally and internationally
  4. Experience producing events that are broadcast Live on television will be considered a significant asset.


  1. Expressions of interest should be submitted to CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat by June 29th 2018
  2. The proposal should contain the creative concept, combination of acts, production values, marketing strategies and budget
  3. Proposal submitted in BOTH hard and soft copy that specifically delineates the following:
  • Signed cover letter
  • A profile of the organization, inclusive of statement of appropriate, relevant experience of the firm for the last five (5) years and designated members of the work team who will be assigned to the project.
  • Evidence of compliance with the applicable Taxation legislation of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • A financial proposal to include the cost of each activity detailed in the Proposal
  • One (1) Original and three (3) hard copies mailed or dropped off, company and campaign material to the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts, Community Development Division, 18th Floor Nicholas Towers. St. Port of Spain
  • One (1) soft copy of the Proposal emailed to CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat
  • For queries email



The Government of the Republic of Tobago Trinidad & Tobago and CARICOM CARIFESTA XIV Secretariat as Producer of the Festival, will negotiate any arrangements for broadcast. Copies of all artists contracts issued must be shared with the Secretariat.


Service providers should declare upfront in their proposals, any issue that may create a conflict in working on the event or negotiating Talent.