A moment of sporting triumph is birthed.

254 women and girls across Trinidad and Tobago have collectively defied the juggernaut of the COVID-19 pandemic to hit an astonishing feat 21,700 miles in the GirlsRunTT virtual road race Challenge. The Challenge, one of the largest virtual races for women and girls during the pandemic, is a major feature of the Ministry of Sport and Community Development’s Pink Reign Campaign – an initiative geared toward inspiring greater female representation in sport and physical activity.

Since April of this year, women and girls across the nation were invited to register for the Ministry-sponsored challenge, administered by BafaSports. The Challenge comprised of seven virtual races themed after the magnificent seven buildings’ architectural ingenuity – with a cumulative milestone of 70 miles.

On Friday 22nd October, the Honourable Shamfa Cujdoe joined six esteemed women and girls for the Challenge’s Prize-giving Ceremony at the Ministry’s Head Office, Nicholas Tower, Port of Spain.

Minister Cudjoe spoke of the genesis of the Pink Reign Campaign, and underscored the importance of challenging our minds with new feats. She congratulated all 254 race participants for showing up and giving their best efforts – “The COVID 19 pandemic has tested our mental resilience, and the sheer interest in this challenge has proved our willingness to conquer. I extend tremendous pride and congratulatory sentiments to our winners and to all participants.” Minister Cudjoe also thanked the Lucess family for agreeing to have this challenge named in her honour – “Granny Lucess’ extraordinary story will reverberate across generations. She was an ageless dreamer. We are proud to carry her name and legacy forward with our GirlsRunTT Challenge.” As a gesture of gratitude to the Lucess family, Minister Cudjoe presented a special prize hamper to Ashakie Hagley and Amelia Lucess, granddaughter and daughter of Granny Lucess and also prizewinners of the event.


The following is a list of Challenge winners:

*First to hit 20 Miles- Michelle Bissoondial

*First to hit 70 Miles- Zaneesha Mohammed

*Eldest Participant- Norma Woods (86 Years of Age)

*Youngest to complete- Asia Clarke (13 years of age)

*Most Improved (tie) – Ashakie Hagley and Amelia Lucess

*Largest Team- +OAW Members:

Abiola Pierre- Holder-Munroe

Victoria Surajdeen

Chantel Le Maitre

Vania Paltoo

Uchechi Okezie

Emily Ramirez

Natalie O Brien

Adeola Walsh

Zaneesha Mohammed

*Most Engaged on social media- Varla Ross

Prizewinners were gifted with stunning hampers from sponsors Gatorade (VEMCO), Playtex (Shine Distributors), and Ocean Spray (Massy Distribution); all of whom were eager to support this national call for more physically active women and girls.  The prize-giving ceremony also formally brought closure to an immensely successful virtual Pink Reign Campaign, which included a panel discussion series, conversations with women in sport, and sport demonstration videos – all led by women. The series can be viewed on MSCD’s YouTube channel, MSCDtv.

The Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe, Minister of Sport and Community Development (centre) with the winners of the GirlsRunTT Challenge (L-R) Varla Ross, Most Engaged on Social Media; Michelle Bissoondial, First to hit 20 Miles; Ashakie Hagley and Amelia Lucess, Most Improved (tie), Zaneesha Mohammed, First to hit 70 Miles and Norma Woods (front), Eldest Participant at the Prize Giving Ceremony at Nicholas Tower, POS.
The Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe, Minister of Sport and Community Development and Gabre McTair, Director of Physical Education and Sport present Zaneesha Mohammed winner of the ‘First to Hit 70 Miles’ of the Ministry’s GirlsRunTT Challenge with hampers sponsored by Shine Distributors and Ocean Spray (Massy Distribution)
The Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe, Minister of Sport and Community Development presents a Gatorade Hamper to Norma Woods Eldest Participant of the Ministry’s GirlsRunTT Challenge.