National Policy on Culture and the Arts

The National Policy on Culture and the Arts (NPCA) 2019-2024 Celebrating National Identity: Maximising our Diversity, was laid in Parliament on February 12th 2020 as a Green Paper for public comment. After a Paper is laid in Parliament, the e-copy is available on the website (under Publications-Papers Laid) and a hard copy is available in the Parliament library.  A soft copy is also available on the website of The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts.
The Ministry wishes to engage with you once again for your comments on this penultimate version.  The current draft is a result of the inputs of key stakeholders from the Culture and Arts fraternity who (i) served on the policy formulation Technical Committee from June 2017; (ii) attended consultations in Trinidad, and Tobago during June-September 2018 and (iii) participated in key informant interviews in January and February 2019.

You are invited to provide your comments on this draft which will be available for comment until March 20th, 2020. To assist you in this process, a few questions have been provided to guide your responses. Fill out the questionnaire here