MSCD launches Sport Training Video series

As the Ministry of Sport and Community Development continues to pivot and execute its programmes virtually, another pillar of the Pink Reign Campaign gets off the tracks. Today, the Ministry will begin a rollout of its Sport Training Video series, which offers insights into the playing, managing, coaching and administration of various sports.

The series, led by some of the leading women in each sporting discipline, will comprise 12 videos introducing other women and girls to the fundamental knowledge and skills applied to various game situations. It also seeks to motivate and inspire participation in sport as a recreational activity; one of the overarching objectives of the Pink Reign Campaign. The videos are facilitated by several National Governing Bodies and features demonstrations in checkers, scrabble and draughts, as well as more physically intense activities such as gymnastics, basketball, cheerleading, jump rope, karate, table tennis, body building and weight-training.

The videos will be posted from today on the Ministry’s Facebook, Instagram, and youtube accounts, and will be shared twice per month. The first video of the series spotlights Shotokan Karate techniques with an all-female team of demonstrators of the Trinidad Karate Association, led by Sensei Kelly Rechais Borde. (The Ministry notes that this recording was done outside of the latest COVID-19 restriction, and all social distancing protocols were observed).

The Pink Reign Campaign seeks to encourage the meaningful participation of women and girls in sports and is being executed through four pillars: the GirlsRunTT Virtual Race Challenge, a Panel Discussion Series, an upcoming social media feature spotlighting women and girls in sport, and the Sport Training Video series. For further information on the campaign, persons may visit the Ministry’s website at or the Ministry’s social media pages.

Caption: Sensei Kelly Rechais Borde of the Trinidad Karate Association leads a Shotokan Karate technique demonstration as part of the Sport Training Video series by the Ministry.