Stimulated by the desire to strengthen their respective business, graduate artisans of the Ministry of Sport and Community Development’s (MSCD), Community Education Programme (CEP), attended a Micro-Entrepreneurs Workshop, hosted by the Ministry at the Pleasantville Community Centre on Friday, November 20, 2020. This workshop themed, Micro- Entrepreneurs-Surviving the Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, was in recognition of Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov. 16-20), an initiative which highlights entrepreneurial activities each year throughout the world.

In her feature address to attendees, the Hon. Shamfa Cudjoe Minister of Sport and Community Development said “such an initiative is relevant and timely, given the shift in our economic circumstances. The Ministry through the Community Education Programme (CEP) aims to not only offer skills training, but also provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to connect with others and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem.” Minister Cudjoe noted that the Government understands that the global pandemic is affecting many entrepreneurs, and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to mitigating the impact and helping entrepreneurs manoeuvre during this challenging period. She emphasised that there has been an increase in home-based businesses resulting in a growing demand for sustainable support initiatives. As such, the Ministry has demonstrated a keen grasp on the need for collaborations and understanding of new ways to meet market needs. The Ministry is therefore willing and ready to actively play its role as a facilitator.

Minister Cudjoe further added that “business survival sometimes requires persons to rethink how they position their products and services.” She added that entrepreneurs should understand and incorporate the full use of technology. “Do not fear it,” she said, as she emphasised that the challenges of today have created a borderless economy where small and micro-entrepreneurs can now easily target their audience, position their product, engage with leads, sell and distribute their products all from the comfort of their homes.

Ms. Susan Corbett, Director of Community Development Division challenged the participants to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the various agencies which support entrepreneurs. She implored them to continue to cultivate their skills, and develop an attitude of commitment and innovation. The day’s programme was designed to engage, educate, and inspire the participants to develop their craft, sharpen their skills, expand their network and pursue their dreams.

The workshop focused on exploring effective ways to successfully manage a business and provided a platform for rich dialogue, shared experiences and networking. Topics included Digitization and Micro Enterprise; Financing for Micro Enterprise; Rebranding and Quality Control. Facilitators included Ms. Shivani Seunarine from Open Campus U.W.I, Mr. Anil Seepaul of the National Entrepreneurship Development Company (NEDCO) and Ms. Susan Narine of Export Centres Company Ltd. Mr. Kenny Phillip of WACK 90.1FM, shared his own journey and provided some insight into the world of business and encouraged participants to incorporate what was shared as a guide to boosting their own business.

By fostering collaborative training efforts such as this, the Ministry of Sport and Community Development intends to foster sustainable community development by educating individuals, fuelling entrepreneurial advancement and a renewal of the business landscape through small and micro-enterprise within communities.

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