Minister Cudjoe congratulates Jereem Richards on Commonwealth Games 200m win

Minister of Sport and Community Development, the Honourable Shamfa Cudjoe offers her heartfelt congratulations to National athlete Jereem Richards on his stellar achievement at the Commonwealth Games, in Birmingham earlier today. Jereem copped gold in the 200m. 

Minister Cudjoe congratulated Jereem on his outstanding performance. “Jereem clocked a blistering personal best ultimately winning gold and defending his 200m title in Birmingham. This is a great moment for sport and the athletic world is celebrating right now.  It is with great pride that our entire Ministry, the Government as well as the local sporting fraternity, join in celebrating Mr. Richard’s latest victory”. 

The Sport Minister also acknowledges the significant contributions made by each and every one of our athletes.  Team TTO continues to fly the colours of our country proudly around the world and we salute them for their exemplary efforts, grit and determination. “You never cease to be an inspiration to the next generation of athletes and young people”.