Community Empowerment Programme

The Community Empowerment Programme comprises courses that facilitate the development of conflict management skills in communities. The CEP targets individuals, community organisations and other stakeholders to learn together as they collectively build community competences to manage conflict and difficult situations constructively. These courses are free of charge and Certificates of Participation are issued for each Module completed. Courses include Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict De-escalation, Anger Management and Effective Communication.

To facilitate these community-based workshops Community Mediation works closely with community stakeholders and Community Development Officers to identify the conflict management needs of the particular community and to encourage participation from members of the community.


The Community Empowerment Programme:

  • Equips individuals, families, groups and communities with the necessary skills and information to cope with, manage and/or resolve conflicts and other difficult circumstances when they arise, in a positive manner that will foster sound and healthy relationships, open and honest communication and enhanced quality of family life and community relationships.
  • Encourages attitudinal and behavioural patterns that support positive conflict management practices.
  • Facilitates fit-for-purpose course design to meet the specific needs of communities and stakeholder organisations.

It should be noted that while the Public Health measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic remain necessary and in place the Community Empowerment Programme would be executed using virtual platforms.