Community Empowerment Programme

“Fostering a culture of pre-emptive and peaceful conflict resolution within our Nation”

The Community Mediation Services Division of the Ministry of Sport and Community Development provides the necessary support system for persons in conflict to discuss and arrive at mutually beneficial solutions either through mediation or social work intervention. These core services promote a culture of peace within families and by extension communities throughout the Country.

The Community Empowerment Programme (C.E.P.) plays an integral part of the structure and operation of the Division. While the mediation centres address conflicts that arise through mediation and social work, this facet of the Division’s practice is pre-emptive, seeking to address the common dysfunctional and destructive approaches to dispute resolution. The objective of C.E.P. is to replace these undesirable responses with more proactive and positive action-oriented approaches.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has eliminated face-to-face delivery of the Programme. However, the need for the Programme has not diminished; instead, the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the current social and economic realities faced by the citizenry. It is therefore the firm belief of the Division that there needs to be an intensification of this Programme to enable citizens to better self-regulate, in addition to dealing with issues of social isolation and loneliness as a result of the pandemic.

Consequently, this year the Programme will be offered virtually to registered participants. Upon successful completion of the Programme, participants will receive an e-Certificate for the workshop they would have participated in.


Registration for each course would be open for a specified period only, and this information is provided via the schedule attached. All communication would be done via the email you indicate on the registration form; thus, it is important you ensure an accessible email is provided. Your certificate would also be distributed electronically.


CEP Schedule 

Registration Dates
Name of Workshop
Workshop Dates
1st April
Effective Communication
7th – 8th April
9:30am – 12pm
7th April
Anger Management
13th – 14th April
10am – 12pm
13th April
Stress Management
21st – 22nd April
10am – 12pm
21 April
Conflict De-escalation
27th, 28th, 29th April
10am – 12pm
27th April
Time Management
4th May
10am – 12pm
4th May
Building Trust as a Professional and as an Organization
16th – 17th May
10am – 12pm
11th May
Emotional Intelligence
19th – 20th May
10am – 12pm
19th May
Managing Social Isolation
25th – 26th May
10am – 12pm

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What does the acronym CEP mean?

Community Empowerment Programme.

How would persons be able to register?

Persons have to click on the link on the website to pre-register for each course which a specific registration period. The schedule is also available on the website.

What are the dates and times for the programmes?

The CEP schedule includes information on the dates and times of each course.

Who would be presenting or facilitating the programmes?

The staff of the Community Mediation Services Division who are experts in the various fields would be facilitating the programmes.

Would persons be receiving certification or recognition for these questions?

Yes. Once a participant partakes in each part of the course for the full duration of the course they would be entitled to an Electronic Certificate.

Do I get a certificate if I only attend one part of a course?

No. You have to complete each part of a course to be awarded a certificate.

How would persons be able to collect the certificates?

The certificates would be distributed via the email provided on the registration form.

How long after the courses would the certificates be ready?

The certificates would be available before the end of 2022 and participants would be contacted as soon as it is ready.

Would this course be virtual or face to face?

CEP would be available virtually only for 2022.

Will we be able to get the slides or information on the topic?

The presentation would not be shared. It would be advisable to take proper notes.

How do we access the services from the division?

497-6086 – East Main Centre

225-4267 – Ext. 115 – North East Main Centre

225- 4267 Ext. 202 – Central Main Centre

648-2810 or 709-0060 South Mediation Centres

How can we partner with CMSD for future CEP workshops, projects or programmes?

You could write an official request or call us 225-4267 for more information before writing the request.

How old do persons have to be in order to register for a course?

Sixteen (16) years and over.


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