Mediation Matters – Parental Support Group


 What is the Parental Support Group?

Coming out from the Mediation and the counselling services offered by the Division   it was realised clients needed a more personal interactive intervention even open communication

so the Community Mediation Division embarked on a mission to help equip persons with the  skills needed to foster healthy families

And by extension to raising well-groomed, well-adjusted children deal with family issues in a constructive manner

This is how the Parent Support Group was formed to offer support, information and to assist parent in managing difficult situations impacting on the parenting issues faced and contributing to restoring healthy families but not just that also to equip the parents themselves with tool for self-growth and self-empowerment

 Explain what a typical meeting is like.

Relax before meeting


Ice breaker / game


Open discussion


Explain what is atmosphere is like while each activity is taking place

(a) What are the topics discussed at the Parental Support Group Meetings?

Different types of Abuse (  child, elderly , intimate partner )

Diet and Nutrition



Violence in the home

Managing economic downturn as parents

Financial management

Stress management

Anger management

Grief and loss

Developing proper relationships

Decision making

Using social media safely


 (b) Which topic stood out the most for you?

 What activities do the Parental Support Groups engage in?

  • Workshops
  • End of year get together
  • Outings

How can I become a member of a Parental Support Group?

These groups meet monthly in the various centres


  • North Main 3rd Tuesday Jobco Building Frederick St  POS   30pm 225-4267  / 625-6768


  • East Main Arima last Tuesday Upstairs pennywise Building  00pm 667- 0266


  • Central Main Cunupia 3rd Wednesday southern main road Warrenville located   close to scotia bank   30 pm 693-2342


  • South west main Point Fortin 3rd Tuesday  00 noon 684-2810


  • San juan sub centre last Thursday st John Anglican church Petiti Bourg  00 pm 638-8133


  • Toco 2nd Wednesday Balandra Community Centre


  • East main Mens Support 3rd Wednesday 30 pm


You just call or visit any of the Community Mediation centre to get the date and time of the next and you just attend  no formal registration is required.