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Come visit the KOKO-PALM Family Garden.

Our crops are progressing well, despite challenges from multiple pest and fungus. In addition, we continue to use organic/natural methods to control them such as companion planting, pruning lower stems and leaves, mulching, hand picking of pests and rain covers.

Vermicomposting is the pulse of our garden as is regular composting and we plant, mulch and fertilize with both by-products. In an effort to curb pests and fungus we added TOPCOP and CURE to our arsenal because they are approved for organic use and are biologically safe, these products will have minimal negative effects on our garden's eco-system.

We have been harvesting pak-choy, lettuce, celery, shadow beni and ochroes. The cucumbers which were started from seed on 25th April has a multitude of flowers and the bees are pollinating, we will be harvesting by next week. We encountered challenges with our tomatoes and our replacement plants has flower buds already.

In keeping with sustainable garden practices we will be harvesting seeds from our lettuce, cucumbers, ochroes, tomatoes and shadon beni. Apart from inter-cropping and staggering our lettuce, pak-choyand tomatoes, we have also implemented crop rotation from our leafy greens to bulbs (chives and garlic).

We enjoy gardening and eating our produce. We eat what we grow. Thank you MSCD for this opportunity. Special categories entered are Most Sustainable, Most Sustainable, Decorative and Best Family.
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