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Title: GIY 2021 Challenge, Medium Kitchen Garden 35 square ft., most decorative, sustainable & innovative by Cheryl Ann De Gannes
Author: cdegannes_garden2021
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Category: Medium Kitchen Garden
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Description: This 30 square feet, medium Kitchen Garden has utilized containers with recycled wooden cargo boxes, washing machine tubs, bucket gardening, growing bags, PVC guttering, and wooden pallets. All of these have been planted with A variety of Tomatoes and includes Yellow Pear, Aunt Ruby's Green, German Cherokee, Big Rainbow along with Black, and Orange sun sugar Cherry Tomatoes; -Black Beauty Eggplant/Melongene; Bronze and Iceberg Lettuce; Pakchoi; Mustard Greens; Chives and Shadon Beni alongside -Armenian and Alexander Cucumbers.
Companion plants include Basil, Sage, Dill, Tarragon, Parsley, Mint, Thymes, Lemmon grass and marigold flowers.
Creative use of decorative hand-painted and coloured stones, coloured mulch, and descriptive plant markers, inspirational plaques and garden tools have been utilized thereby creating a Home garden space that was beautiful. Mini picket fences were also incorporated. All of the plants have been growing in a mix of planting soil, compost material, broken coconut husks, sharp sand, and cow manure. and compost. Most of the crops are flowering and some are ready for harvest. In keeping with the conservation, the use of drip systems and hose irrigation have been strategically located within the Garden area.